Stevie J Shares Subliminal Post After Faith Evans Moves Forward With Divorce Proceedings

Stevie J is taking to Twitter to express some thoughts about his soon-to-be ex-wife Faith Evans. The powerhouse vocalist and super producer took their decades-long friendship to the next level in 2016 and even tried to do things right, giving Stevie time to end things with Joseline. Unfortunately, it seems that Stevie still came up short in the end, and Faith has decided it’s time to go. Stevie sees it as abandonment and thinks Faith used him during their marriage.

Faith Evans and Stevie J have both contributed to lasting hit records from the golden era of Hip-Hop/Soul. In addition to that they have mounted pretty successful careers as reality stars. In the case of Stevie J, he was the face of Love & Hip-hop for a while. It is unclear which of the two was the larger breadwinner, but when it finally came time to separate, it was Stevie who hit Faith with a request for spousal support. The duo did not sign a prenuptial agreement either.

Faith has reportedly handed over her financial records, but it is unclear if Stevie has done the same. Instead, he took to social media today to take a thin-veiled dig at his ex-wife that makes it seem like he gained from him even though he’s asking her for money. “Gods morning. Most are here to use you so let God use you for once. He’ll never never leave you when you’re down. They can’t wait too.”

Funs jumped in the comments to clown him, saying, “Some men just love playing victim bruh. Now steebie.” Another said, “One can love you and still walk away. One can love you and choose THEM. One can love you and choose boundaries that they set for them,” said another. Faith has yet to comment on Stevie’s post and instead has been posting pictures of her looking happy and celebrating life by the water, at a wedding, and with friends.

Women supported Faith under Stevie’s post saying, “Y’all expect for women to stay with you while you cheat, and that’s crazy. We are not our grandmothers!”

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