Summer Walker Celebrates Her First Number One Album With ‘Wigless’ Picture Without Makeup

Summer Walker may just be having her best week to date! The R&B singer has much to celebrate for her second studio album Still Over It has officially hit #1 on Billboards Top 200 Albums chart. This marks the first time that Summer Walker has appeared on top of that chart. To show her appreciation and how happy she is, Walker posted a picture to her Instagram page that shows her in a much different light than usual. Embracing her true self, Summer Walker posted a “wigless” picture – also sans makeup, and to sum it up the singer is feeling happier than ever before!

Summer Walker beat the doubters that may have felt the “sophomore slump” could be upon her with her second album. That changed when Billboard dropped the stats of her long-awaited effort. In its debut week, Still Over It amassed 166,000 album-equivalent units. This number includes pure album sales along with online streams and individual sales per song. Walker receives her first number 1 album in its debut week as her first album Over It appeared at number 2 with 134.000 album-equivalent units.

Summer Walker’s latest album also achieved many other achievements upon its release. Social media account Chart Data reports the album’s sales earning the biggest debut week in the US for an R&B album by a female artist since Beyonce’s Lemonade in 2016. Also, with 201 million streams in its opening week, Still Over It acquired the biggest streaming debut for an R&B album released by a female artist overall.

In order to promote the album, Summer Walker has been heavy on the promotional trail. The shy singer has done a few live shows lately, including performing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and sets on BBC’s 1Xtra Live Lounge and for a Youtube special, the “Still Over It Celebration Performance.”

With the news of her latest effort achieving much success thus far across the board, Summer Walker has been stepping out! The new mom was seen attending the Mary J. Blige concert that was held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY having a blast. Her Instagram Stories were filled with clips of the concert as Walker sang and cheered along, fangirling with the rest of the crowd. Summer Walker then posted a photo of herself looking quite comfortable, wrapped in the outfit of her choice.

Summer Walker then posted a few photos of herself in the same eccentric outfit backstage with Mary J. Blige, Tasha Smith, and Taraji P. Henson. She was also noticeably without makeup and her head was wrapped up in a garment similar to the rest of her outfit. Also noticeable in the photos was Walker’s joy, as she captions how “amazing” she felt to have these “Beautiful Talented Confident Black Women” supporting her. Many fans, however, passed over that sentiment and highlighted her looks and choice of clothing.

“Who is your stylist…. I sew clothes,” wrote one user on Instagram. Another wrote, “Gurl wtf u wearin,” while some called her “Summer Badu,” comparing her to Erykah Badu. Instead of responding to those who felt critical of her looks, a very happy Summer Walker took a different route. In another Instagram post, she highlights and celebrates her album’s success and thanks all those that have been a part of getting her to where she is now.

“Thanks to all of y’all love & support, & the team of creatives that assisted in making & promoting this album,” wrote the Atlanta native, “we did a great job charting. I got my 1st number one album, & money & opportunities are just flowing in, with that being said, I no longer feel pressured to hide my personality.”

Summer Walker then gets more unapologetic as she embraces who she is. “I’m happy & free. I’m SHY & awkward & that’s okay, we don’t need to change that, I’m fine how I am,” Walker shared. “Also if I don’t wanna wear a wig or [makeup], I’m not, if I don’t wanna flash diamonds & designer clothes, I’m not. No disrespect to those who do, you look great😇 but I’m not.”

The singer further expressed that this is how she feels “the most beautiful” so she will continue to present herself like this. “If I’m not your cup of tea please feel free to block unfollow or listen from a far it’s no pressure,” she concluded her message.

Go, Summer!

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