Summer Walker Gets Boyfriend Name Tattooed On Her Face

Summer Walker took her sadness and spun it into R&B gold. Her album Still Over It is being lauded by many as one of the best R&B albums of our time, with the numbers to match. The album centers around her relationship with London On The Track and their various ups and down through her pregnancy. Summer might have painted herself as a sad girl on the project, but in real life she is already deep into her new relationship and wants every one to know that she is very much in love.

LVRD Pharaoh is the new man in Summer Walker’s life. He is a rapper with very little information out there about him. On his instagram @lvrdpharoh, he boasts almost 70k followers and several posts of he and Summer engaging in some PDA. Their first post on his page was 2 weeks ago from the set of her BBC Radio 1 performance. “The Way You Look At Me , We Gone Last Forever 🖤🤞🏽 I’m Proud Of You Lover🖤And The Album Of The Decade Is Out Now,” Larry captioned it. Two days ago they posted a series of snaps hugging and smiling with the caption “Relationship Advice : Marry Your Bestfriend 🤞🏽👅🖤”

The post making the rounds today and present on both his and her @summerwalker account is one of the two posing cheek to cheek with matching face tattoos. LVRD has “Summer” above his eyebrow and she has “Larry” above hers. She captioned it “Best Friends” while he says “Eternal Love Wins 🤞🏽🖤.”

People were instantly confused as some had not be aware of Summer being in a new relationship. The album clearly had many believing she was still dealing with the aftermath of her relationship to London, but she seems all the way moved on. Either way, not everyone is here for the matching face tattoos. “summer i thought we learned our lesson…” said one fan. Another chimed in “GIRL YOU DONE LOST YOUR MIND LITERALLY.” It was not all bad, as she got support from Erykah Badu who commented “Summer and Larry in love 😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.”

In a separate post she let fans know she was aware of their confusion and wanted them to understand that this is what moving on looks like. “Moral of the story is: ( if you listened to my album), learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up, heal, find happiness and most importantly Move On.” She captioned it “if you going thru some [BS] right now have faith, it gets better🖤”

Fans seemed in full support of this saying “In the words of Fantasia sometimes you gotta lose to win!!!!! Healing is Painful but when you’re free from that hold its the best feeling ever!!” Summer did end her album with a track titled “Ciara’s Prayer”, and it seems like it might have in fact worked for her as well. Some fans aren’t 100% convinced though. Under the second post they said “But sis that tattoo 😭. I still love you though”, while another simply said “Now summer…..” Do you think she’s moved on too fast and are the tattoos too much?

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