Summer Walker Reveals Why She Can’t Sing Some Songs From New Album

Summer Walker is definitely Still Over It. The admitted “Awkward Kween (queen)” is in the midst of touring to support her sophomore album. However, if you bought a ticket to one of her upcoming shows, chances are you won’t hear some of your favorite songs off of the album. At a recent concert, Summer Walker addressed to her fans why she couldn’t bring herself to perform certain records.

Atlanta native Summer Walker has been a fan favorite for many but has faced criticism for her live performances. In addition, the singer has been candid about her struggles with social anxiety and other issues. Atop this, Walker’s personal life has been heavy in the blogs and social media.

Fans of Summer Walker are privy to her relationship journey with producer London On Da Track. In their on-again-off-again relationship, the former couple welcomed a daughter into the world. But their relationship ultimately wouldn’t last, and most of their drama would play out on both parties’ social media accounts.

Not only would it appear on social media, but Summer Walker would put pen to paper and sing about it. Much of her content on both albums, especially her latest release, target her past relationship with London On Da Track. Interestingly enough, he was given production credit on the majority of Still Over It.  

However, life has seemingly taken a more joyous turn for Summer Walker. The “Ex For A Reason” singer has been in a new relationship with rapper LVRD Pharaoh for some months now, even though she still speaks out on issues with her child’s father. Taking to Instagram in November of 2021, Summer Walker shared the lessons that should be taken from the personal experience that is her album.

“Learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up, heal, find happiness, and most importantly, move on,” wrote Summer Walker on her Instagram Stories, later shared to her main page. Walker then admitted that she’s “happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life,” following hitting what she felt was rock bottom.

Recently, Summer Walker has extended her healing journey by partnering with the Mindset app to share tidbits of her journey. “I’m opening up about some really personal stuff, like my anxiety, how meditation has helped me, and the importance of being true to yourself,” she wrote in a Youtube clip.

But while she is taking the necessary steps to administer healing, Summer Walker is proving old wounds take some time to get over. At a recent tour stop in Atlanta, Summer Walker fans noticed that some of their favorite songs like “Reciprocate” and “Session 33” were absent from the setlist. According to the chart-topping singer, some of those songs rehash old feelings that she’s not ready to revisit.  

Summer Walker stopped her show to address fans who might’ve questioned why the songs were not sung. “I want you to know that this is real,” she said. “I write a lot of my stuff. I write most of my stuff. And, you know, it’s still a fresh wound,” she admitted. In addition, the singer revealed that she doesn’t want to cry in front of her fans while the show is going on. However, fans of the show were amazed by a surprise appearance by fellow R&B singer SZA at Summer Walker’s Atlanta show to perform their song “No Love.”

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