Supacent Reveals She Had Three Failed Businesses Before Crayon Case Became A Multi-Million Dollar Business

Beauty mogul and social media influencer Raynell “Supacent” Steward is speaking up about her journey. She recently appeared as a guest on Black Enterprise’s Hip Hop Enterprise with Jerosylyn Jovonn to dish on how she became a success and reveal some of her many failures. Regarding her career path, Supacent says she was always “super determined” to achieve the life she attained. The New Orleans native shared with Jovonn that she was steadfast about leaving a traditional 9-5 lifestyle and wanted to spend more time with family.

Supacent revealed that growing up, she was not very privy to what entrepreneurship was because of a lack of awareness and education on the subject. This carried on within her adult life as she continued to share that there were “no plans” of being either an entrepreneur or business owner. Instead, Supacent lived a traditional life and routine of working and transporting her children to school. “That was my plans for the rest of my life,” she admitted. However, it wasn’t until she arrived on social media that the ideas started to birth within her.

Eventually, Supacents persistence and journey with social media propelled her status, and she was able to develop and launch multiple businesses. Her cosmetic line, The Crayon Case, was established in 2017 as a “school supplies-themed cosmetics line dedicated to amateur makeup users,” the official website states. According to The Washington Note, her successes helped her amass a net worth of around $5 million. But unbeknownst to many, Supacent shares that this wasn’t her first attempt at business. She revealed to Jovonn that The Crayon Case Cosmetics is “maybe [her] fourth business” and that she was “extremely passionate” about it because it surrounded cosmetics.

When asked about the other businesses she developed, Supacent jokingly labeled herself a “swap meet.” She confessed that she did things from clothes to “headphones, chargers, fanny packs, and New Orleans Bounce CDs.” Supacent shared that she got into selling Bounce CDs by getting on Periscope and playing the music while Live. Her followers began to inquire about the music, which inspired her to start burning them on CDs in 2015. The social media star admitted that although she began selling them to her followers, the business eventually failed.

According to Supacent, she priced them at $7 without charging for shipping. In addition, she admits that the presentation and packaging were terrible, and she lost a lot of money. However, she credits this as her first lesson in business practices.Soon, Supacent’s business expanded and was being sold in Walmart. However, she admits that she had to quickly “scale back” because she wasn’t aware of how “massive” they were. She also confessed that she wasn’t ready at the time or taught about investors as an entrepreneur but is currently learning to scale her company on a larger level.

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