T-Boz Sadly Reveals She Was Forced By The Press To Admit Son Was Adopted, Never Wanted People To Know

The world needs no explanation when it comes to personal and family matters. But unfortunately, living under the public’s constant eye forces information intended to remain private to be released in the mediasphere. It has happened repeatedly to your favorite artists, including to multiplatinum recording artist T-Boz. The TLC singer explained that she felt forced to admit something she did not feel the need to share because of the press.

T-Boz, born Tionne Watkins, has faced various struggles in her life, especially as it pertains to her health. Yet, through it all, she achieved many milestones, including becoming the mother of two children. On October 20, 2000, T-Boz gave birth to her daughter, Chase Anela Rolison.  

The legendary TLC singer has always labeled Chase to be a miracle. Seeing as though she was told by doctors that she could not have children due to her sickle cell anemia diagnosis, Chase’s arrival is undoubtedly a blessing. But having a son was always a dream of T-Boz. So still wanting to expand her family, she began researching the adoption process.

In her 2017 book A Sick Life: TLC ‘n Me: Stories from On and Off the Stage, T-Boz shared that the adoption process was far from easy. First, she would undergo a disappointing experience with a woman who flaked after promising to place her upcoming child up for adoption. Then, according to the singer, she bought all that was needed to prepare for the baby, only to be stood up by the birth mother at the lawyer’s office. 

But years later, the same woman became pregnant again and brought the same promise to T-Boz. So finally, she was able to bring her son, Chance, home in May 2016. In her book, T-Boz wrote, “Chance has brought new life and fulfillment in our house and made us feel even more complete, and I can’t thank his birth mother enough for that.”

While choosing to remain private with his identity for a while, T-Boz finally decided to share an image of him on her Instagram a year later. In 2017, the Waterfalls” singer called Chance “my heart” in the photo’s caption. In 2019, T-Boz appeared on Fox Soul’s On The 7 With Dr. Sean, where she discussed her son and the strength she mustered to pursue her goals of adopting him through a stressful health process. An emotional T-Boz shared, “this boy looks like us. He acts like me. This is my son. God gave me that boy!”

While the singer is one hundred percent aware that Chance is her son, T-Boz claims she only told people he was adopted because the “press wouldn’t leave her alone.” They began to inquire as to whether or not she was pregnant because they saw no evidence and addressed her weight gain. “So, I felt forced to have to say something,” she said. “And I’m such a private person.”

T-Boz also addresses social media users who refer to Chance as her adopted son. “Do you say, ‘That’s my c-section daughter?’ Do you say, ‘That’s my vaginal-canal son?” questioned the singer. “No, you don’t. That’s my damn son.”

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