T.C. Carson Believes Gender Roles Need To Go, Believes It Stops Men From Learning How To Take Care Of Themselves

Gender roles are a nuanced topic in the media. While some people are pushing for “traditional dynamics” in the household, others argue that gender roles are causing more harm than good and leading younger generations down a path of suffering. Living Single star TC Carson discussed this topic with the ladies of Sister Circle and made some strong points about how gender roles may be hurting men.

While promoting his upcoming shows and music, TC discussed his plans to launch a talk show/cooking show to help teach young men some skills. “I realized that a lot of young men, they don’t know how to do anything. They don’t know how to cook; they don’t know how to grocery shop. They don’t know how to take care of the house. So I want a show that talks about that but has a conversation between young men and older men.” This topic got the ladies excited as they began to dig deeper into the concept, asking, “why do you think [young men] miss that? Do you feel that there should be some boundaries of what a man should be doing and what the woman should be doing when it comes down to the responsibilities of the household?”

TC explains that he was raised to be self-sufficient, and his mother wanted him to fall in love with a person and not what they could do for him. “I think men and women need to do everything. I think you do men a disservice when you teach them not to take care of themselves.” When the women ask if it is the mother’s fault for spoiling their boys, TC agrees but thinks that it is all parents, not just mothers.

This is a hot-button conversation explored by many. Over on Twitter, many people have been unpacking gender roles saying things like “people who engage in ‘the divine masculine and divine feminine’ talk in order to repackage outdated gender roles…need to divinely guide themselves outside to touch grass.” Many seem to agree and argue that gender roles need to be abolished in exchange for more equality in society.

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