Rapper T.I. Claims Men Only Cheat With Women Who Are Disposable, Women Cheat With Potential Partners

Rapper T.I. has cheating down to a science. The self-proclaimed “King of the South” is breaking down the differences as to why men and women cheat on their respective partners in relationships. He’s confidently claiming that women are more innovative and pettier in their choices while men tend to want to “have fun.”

T.I. was joined by comedian Karlous Miller and podcaster Pretty Ken to discuss a bevy of topics on the rapper’s expediTIously Podcast. First, they spoke about couples who practice swinging or even swapping partners during their conversation. But it appeared that the subject began to make the men uncomfortable as they began to place certain things into perspective. Although the hosts were discussing couples that swing, which is normally consensual and both parties of the relationship are usually aware of, the conversation transitioned into cheating. The “Whatever You Like” rapper detailed the parallels between how men and women play out their choices of infidelity. 

First, T.I. speaks that swinging couldn’t work for everyone because insecurities could come into play. The rapper expressed that when most men view their women in the process of being intimate with another man, the act will never be mentally unseen. T.I. states that the only way a couple can be secure in doing so is when your “mind is disconnected from the heart.” Regardless, the rapper breaks down how men think versus women in that particular scenario. According to T.I., men who “step out” with other women are “in control of the situation.” He asserts that “whatever happens” is due to the man making all the decisions and calling the shots. “Yeah, baby, I got time,” Yeah, baby, let’s go over here,” are some examples he used.

On the contrary, T.I. states that women do not typically go for an “ain’t [it]” man or one they view as lesser than themselves or their partner. “Women [are] attracted to powerful men who call their own shots,” he noted. In this way, the women are being “directed,” he says.  “Any relationship is going to be in jeopardy if your woman is being directed by another man,” the American Music Award-winning rapper declared. He further states that for her relationship with the other partner to work, she must acquiesce to being directed by him.

T.I.’s words drew reactions from his guests, who seemed to take it into perspective. He further expresses the differences in why men cheat as opposed to when women commit the act. When Pretty Ken suggests that men decide to cheat with “who is available,” T.I. offers a rebuttal. He states that men cheat with women they “don’t want to be with.” The rapper insists that a man may not particularly “desire to be with” the other partner on a committed level and just sees it as “fun for the moment until they return.

However, he stated the big difference for a woman. T.I. expressed that women cheat with men who could be their main partner’s “competition.” “Men move out, women move on,” said T.I. He went on to detail how skilled women move in their planning regarding cheating rather than men. “That will be a secret, and you’ll never know about it,” said T.I.

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