TakeOff Spoke About Wanting His Flowers While He Was Still Alive In One Of His Final Interviews

People have long been praising the Migos for their indelible mark and influence on Hip Hop culture. From their songs and irreplaceable flows to their style and fashion, the Migos have been credited for being muses for many. Sadly, one of the remarkable members, TakeOff, had his life cut short in an act of senseless violence. With his unfortunate passing, the conversation surrounding their influence has only heightened. Regrettably, he won’t be around to receive the many flowers in his honor, which is something he’d always wanted.

Quavious Marshall, Kirshnik Ball, and Kiari Cephus, all related, were raised together. But in 2008, the three family members formed what would become one of music’s most exciting and pivotal new acts. In 2013, Migos burst onto the scene with a viral sensation, Versace, that also landed a Drake feature. From there, their significant rap flows and catchy rhymes took them further into the stratosphere. 

Soon, the Migos began to get labeled as this generation’s “The Beatles.” In 2018, Billboard revealed a headline that the Atlanta trio scored a pivotal feat by tieing with the legendary group for the “most simultaneous Hot 100 entries among groups.” Other Hip Hop artists began adapting their identifiable triplet flow throughout their careers, adding their own touch with Migos’s signature adlibs. Artists from Drake to Jay-Z have utilized the pattern in their own released music.

Now, the topic of TakeOff and Migos’s influence on music is, once again, the topic of discussion. However, sadly, much of the coverage praising the iconic Atlanta trio, hitting publications such as The New York TimesLA Times, and more stems from his passing. Currently, the recently released duo album Only Built For Infinity Links album from Takeoff and Quavo sits at the top of the Itunes Hip-Hop charts. Subsequently, TakeOff’s solo album The Last Rocket, released in 2018, rests at the number 5 position on the same chart.  

Eerily, Takeoff participated in a Drinks Champs interview where he had a message. During the interview, he expressed wanting to receive all his “flowers” while alive because he felt it was “time” to receive them. “I don’t want them to lay down when I ain’t here,” he said. “I want them right now.”

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