Tamar Braxton Claims Ex-Husband Vincert Hubert Has Her Number Blocked

Tamar Braxton is going to great lengths to get in touch with her son Logan. The R&B singer claims that she could not speak to him all day because his father, Vincent Herbert, has her phone number blocked. In order to get his attention, Tamar got on her IG live to alert her fans that she needed to find her son, and her sisters came to the rescue.

Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert have been co-parenting for some time now. The pair met in 2003 and began dating shortly after eventually getting married in 2008. Vincent would go on to help Tamar launch her solo career outside of her sister Toni’s shadow, thanks to their reality show and a successful string of releases. For a while, they were a music and television power couple with their own spin-offs and brand.

Tamar and Vince would welcome Logan Vincent in 2013, their only child. By October of 2017, Tamar filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. They would eventually settle on a joint custody arrangement, and Vincent has largely remained out of the spotlight while Tamar struggled publicly with her following relationship and mental health.

The “Love & War” singer seems to be back in good spirits, seemingly amused that Vincent had her number blocked. Going on IG live while driving, Tamar let fans know that she had been trying to contact her son all day but could not get through. “What’s happening y’all? I’m going live right now because I have been calling my son all day long, and it seems like this is the only way to get Logan Vincent Herbert on this phone.” She explained that Logan likes to go on live with his mom and would probably jump into the chat if he saw she was on. Instead, it was her sister Trina Braxton who popped in after Tamar saw her in the comments.

Requesting that her sister join her on live, Tamar and Trina shared some knowing glances at each other when Tamar told her sister what was going on. Towanda was also present in the background, and the three sisters giggled and joked about baby daddies. Tamar asked, “Why do baby daddies and baby mommas think it’s ok to block you while they got your child?” She then tells fans, “I can’t call Vince, I’m blocked.” She called him corny and continued to talk with her sister on live while telling fans she misses them. Tamar then wondered aloud if she is the only one this happened to. Fans in the comments chimed in, saying that this is a thing that happens between parents.

Towanda agreed to call Logan while Tamar lamented about Vincent blocking her. The family is understandably comfortable having this personal conversation in front of their fans since they’ve been doing it on television for years. When fans accused her of bashing Vince, Tamar said that was not her intention. She called Vince “family” and compared him to a cousin. She told fans that they do not always get along, and maybe she was calling too much, but she only has one child and is going to call “13,000 times a day” if she can.

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