Tamar Braxton Claims Her Father Changed How She Looks At Men After Discovering He Cheated On Her Mother

Tamar Braxton is the youngest child in the Braxton family. The reality and R&B star has built her brand off her ability to be candid and raw both with fans and in front of the camera. As a result, just about anything you would want to know about Tamar can be found in an interview. While the Braxton women are incredibly present, the men of the family are noticeably absent. Father Michael Conrad Braxton is not as visible as their mother may be. For Tamar this might be on purpose, as she revealed in a recent interview that she actually spent years not talking to him.

Tamar Braxton is the latest to do an installment of TV One’s Unsung. The series is geared towards telling the stories of famous black artists that are not always showcased in the mainstream media. While Tamar’s sister Toni has seen her life covered in several different documentaries and biopics, for Tamar Unsung offered her a chance to talk about her life finally without her sisters.

According to Tamar, her relationship with men and how she views them is exclusively a result of her father. The singer has gone through a messy divorce from husband Vincent Herbert in recent years and also had a bad breakup with boyfriend David Adefeso. Tamar says that watching her mother and father’s marriage crumble was particularly hard on her but something she definitely understands now. When Tamar was 19, she found out her father had been having an affair on her mother.

Tamar recalls her mother collapsing in her arms and crying. As the youngest and a self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl,” Tamar said this broke and her and really shifted her perception of men. “I did not know any other man at that time other than my dad. He set the blueprint.” Tamar’s mother Evelyn chimed in saying that Tamar took the news really bad and was devastated.

Tamar tried her hardest to cheer mom up, even writing her a letter of encouragement. Evelyn recalls Tamar’s letter saying, “mommy, get rid of that zero and get yourself a hero.” While Evelyn laughs now and realizes the letter was not very clever, she says at the time Tamar’s words really pushed her to want better. Evelyn and Tamar both feel this situation brought them closer together. The rift lasted for eight years before Tamar spoke to her father Michael again. She confesses now that she understands no one was at fault. “Life happens,” Tamar says with a shrug. She continued, stating that “you grow up and want different things” before acknowledging that you are liable to change your mind from your teens to your 20s, 30s and beyond.

While Tamar held him accountable for a lot, she has made peace now with realizing she just did not understand what was happening at the time. According to Tamar, her relationship with father Michael is excellent now. The story helps shed some light on some of the more toxic displays we’ve seen from Tamar over the year. Most recently, it was revealed that ex David Adefeso had to take out a restraining order against Tamar because she had attacked him on several occasions. It is rumored that her relationship with Hubert also had some physical violence. It is possible that her mishandling of her father’s infidelity has taught her some bad habits when it comes to relationships.

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