R&B Singer Tamar Braxton Refuse To Go Half On A Date With A Man, Claims She’s Not Going Half None Of The Time

Tamar Braxton is letting it be know, she is not interested in going half on a date with a man. The youngest Braxton has had an active dating life in recent years since her divorce finalized, so it makes sense that her recent experiences would inform her on what she likes and does not like when it comes to being courted. She took to twitter to ask fans how they felt about splitting the bill on a date.

“Is there something wrong with me not wanting to go half with a dude?” she asked her 1.6 million followers. She continued “I don’t mind paying for BOTH of us sometimes but I’m not going half NONE of time! It’s a total turn off for me.” She then opened the floor to her audience asking ” Do y’all guys think going half is sexy? Maybe I’m old school.. but that ain’t it. what y’all think?”

“If a man asks you on a date, he should pay for it. If you ask a man on a date, you should pay for it. Plain and simple.” chimed in one woman. Another fan agreed, but their reasoning was less about principle and more to do with convenience. “I don’t even go half & half w friends. We just take turns paying the tab. One of us will pay for dinner the other leaves the tip. One of us pays for drinks, the other leaves the tip. One buys the movie tickets the other pays for snacks… is a healthy rotation.”

Many agreed that as women they prefer to be wooed, and would like it if the man picks up the tab. Tamar knows a little something about being wooed. She was married for almost ten years to Vincent Herbert, who made sure Tamar was the center of his universe.

The pair met in 2003 and married in 2008. Vincent gave Tamar the world and worked hard to help get her career off the ground. After find her work as a backing vocalist for her sister Toni Braxton and Lady Gaga, he helped score the family a reality show that quickly took off. This lead to record deal for Tamar and a string of successful albums followed. Unfortunately things took a turn for the couple, and they would go on to split in 2017.

She went on to date financial wealth advisor David Adefeso. The pair were inseparable for the duration of their relationship, and like Vince, David seemed to have the means to keep Tamar properly entertained and prioritized. Unfortunately that relationship would also sour, with David accusing Tamar of physical abuse and taking out a restraining order against her. After their split in August 2020, Tamar said she was taking a break from dating. Her recent tweet could be foreshadowing her getting ready to go back out there? Any potential suitors better be ready to front the bill however, if they are interested in taking her out.

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