Tami Roman Claims Once The Friendship Ends, Every Secret You Know About Each Other Should Be Erased Too

Tami Roman has some things to get off of her chest. The former Basketball Wives star has definitely been through a lot of turmoil as it pertains to friendships. We have all seen how many of Roman’s friendships have played out while on the reality show. Since leaving the platform, Tami Roman’s expanded into other aspects of television and media. On an episode of her famous “Bonnet Chronicles,” Roman is discussing “friendship code” and what it means to really carry that title.

In the clip, Tami Roman shares her motivation for speaking on the subject. The basis of the conversation was birthed, she says, from a tweet that she wrote as it pertains to friendship and how one should move when said relationship ends.”When we’re friends, you betta keep my business to yourself,” the Fox Soul television show host writes. “And if we fall out, you betta let what you know about my business… die right along with the friendship!”

Roman doubles down on her sentiments in the conversation and gives a recollection of one of her past “failed” friendships. According to the former reality star, an incident occurred while she was still a member of the BBW franchise that caused the friendship to cease. With both going in separate directions, her former friend began to spread alleged falsified information about Roman to other members of their friend circle.

While Tami Roman continues to discuss the importance of the friendship code, she revealed that she is not discussing members of the Basketball Wives cast as those are “not her friends,” as she aptly puts it. “That was a TV show,” she stressed. “So yeah, s**t was taken back and forth and things were said and done all the time because we’re not friends. We were co-workers.”

On the show, Tami Roman was known (or at least thought) to be friends with Shaunie O’Neal. Also on the show, Roman had a contentious relationship with Evelyn Lozado, with whom it seems could not be repaired. Speaking with singer Keyshia Cole on Fox Soul’s One on One with Keyshia Cole, she dove deeper into their friendships. As it pertains to Shaunie O’Neal, Roman expressed that she thought their friendship was a true one initially. But their “sisterhood” began to fail in her eyes once she felt their “lack of friendship” was being experienced more.

With Evelyn, Roman explains that their friendship could never be because Lozado never truly liked her. Roman’s feelings toward Lozado are so strong that at this point, she refuses to utter her name. “She doesn’t like me. She never has liked me,” Tami Roman said. “I’ve tried to be friends. And so now I’ve accepted that she doesn’t like me. So now, I don’t like you.”

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