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Tamron Hall Claims She Initially Used Her Husband As A Distraction After Running Into Her Ex & His Girlfriend

Tamron Hall has built her daytime empire on her ability to deep dive into topics like marriage and relationships. The author, TV host, Emmy Award-winning journalist, executive producer, mother, and wife knows a thing or two about the world and delivers her unique brand of realness to fans on a weekly basis. For Hall it is all about providing people with the tools to succeed in life. While she is usually the one being interviewed, she took a break from hosting duties and joined Jemele Hill for her series Jemele Hill is Unbothered to talk about her own life.

Tamron Hall opened up about how she met her husband, music executive Steven Greener. The pair met at an event where Greener was representing an actor. Hall recalls him coming over and introducing himself and her immediately thinking Greener was looking to represent her. She said he fit the profile as a Jewish man in New York City of someone looking to take on more clients. Hall noted that Greener had asked if she could join his client for lunch.

The pair spent years running into each other, and Hall has confessed in other interviews that she was not aware that Greener was flirting with her. “His game was not up to par,” she recalled. Greener would always say “what are the odds” to which Hall would respond “Cause you’re stalking me, the odds are high.” After years of this, Hall confessed that while Greener was not 100% on her radar, a chance run in on a flight to Clive Davis Grammy party shifted her perspective. Tamron recalls getting on the flight and seeing her ex seated behind her with his beautiful new girlfriend. “Oh my goodness, this man is right behind me with this woman.” Hall also revealed in her entire life she has never seen an ex-boyfriend with another woman.

As luck would have it, her future husband Steven also boarded that same plane. In need of distraction, Tamron began chatting Steven up and the two shared a great conversation during the flight and after the flight as well. Tamron said it would be many months later before the two finally began dating, eventually bumping into each other at a pool in Los Angeles. Greener finally worked up the nerve to ask her out for pizza and joked, “let’s get married.” The pair would start dating and move in together three weeks later.

Their living arrangements were kept secret from Hall’s mother, who is an old-fashioned southerner. Tamron says that she used to tell her mother that Greener was visiting whenever she’d come stay with her. It got so bad she would move all his clothes out and he would have to stay with a friend down the block. Tamron says her mother later confessed that she knew he was living there the whole time.

Hall famously kept their union under wraps. So much so that when they announced they were expecting their first child in March 2019, no one even knew she was married. Tamron later joked with Good Housekeeping that this was “proof that you can keep things private.” They welcomed their son Moses Greener on April 25th, 2019. The happy couple recently shared an old picture for Valentine’s Day with the caption, “The ride is always unpredictable, but the person next to you can help make the bumps easier to take. Last year dinner out, this year I’m cooking oxtails at home 🤷🏽‍♀️ and loving it all.”

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John Davidson
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