Tank Claims Women Are Better At Building, While Men Are Better At Destroying, Gets Dragged By Women

The topic of why men and women operate the way that they do is one regularly explored on social media. People constantly go back and forth in the comments debating why guys do this and why girls do that. Kash Doll sent out a tweet recently that sparked a conversation about why women continue to take back men who have done them wrong. Tank chimed in with his opinion and opened up the floor for a in-depth discussion on the biology of men and women and why some things are just “built-in” to their programming.

Kash Doll took to her Twitter last night and told her fans that she feels women take men back over and over again because “They’re afraid of being alone.” The tweet received over 3000 likes and 900 comments from fans. Many of the women in her comment section seemed conflicted, admitting that they’d fallen for this before but adamant that they would never take a man back again. One woman answered, “It’s not that we are afraid of being alone it’s simply because you love that person so much and you don’t ever seeing yourself with someone other then them and it’s even worse when you fell in love with them.”

Over on Instagram, The Neighborhood Talk reposted the Tweet to their followers. R&B singer Tank decided to jump in the comments with a deep dive into his thoughts about men and women and their physiology. “It’s deeper than that.. Not discounting women who have that feeling, but by design, there’s more to it..” When another person asked him to “explain”, he opened up further.

The R&B singer started off by saying, “women by design are nurturing. Women by design are forgiving. Women by design desire companionship to be supportive and uplifting.” He then opened up about men, saying, “Men by design take advantage of that leaving more damage and even more issues than what are innate. Women are better at building and men are better at destroying.” He concluded with, “But we can’t live without you and you can’t live without us. Hell of a cycle. Again she’s not wrong i’m just adding the full spectrum to her statement..”

It seemed like a lot of people were not feeling Tank’s comments. “@therealtank Men love telling women THEIR emotions . It’s not deeper than that. A women that stays in an unhealthy relationship 9/10 that’s the reason . The other 1 is … the kids,” said one person. Another clapped back saying “@therealtank can women speak for themselves without y’all chiming in talking about “Naw, that’s not it!” 🙄🙄 My Gawd!!!!” The best summation of the back and forth came from television personality Treasure Price who said simply “It’s sad men know the truth yet don’t try to improve”

Eventually, Tank got the hint that his opinion was not wanted and threw in the towel, backing out of the conversation stating “crazy right? Here i am siding with women who go through this and so much more and i’m being dragged for it..🤦🏽‍♂️. Dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t i guess..” Do you think Tank was right?

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