Youtube Blogger Tasha K Announces Fan Giveaway Contest With Her Last $1,083.02

Tasha K and Cardi B continue to duke it out online in a war of who can be more petty. While Cardi B won the war in court, Tasha K seems to be getting the last laugh on social media as she continues to taunt Cardi B about the 4 million dollars she owes her and how she has no plans on paying the Bodak Yellow star.

Tasha K has been on a lengthy vacation to Africa since losing the defamation case against her. Cardi B won big in court after claiming that videos posted to Tasha K’s popular YouTube channel caused issues in her marriage and caused her to contemplate taking her own life. In these videos, Tasha alleged many inappropriate things about the rapper. Cardi had to bring medical records to the court to prove this was not true. Tasha was then ordered to cover Cardi’s legal fees and pain and suffering but has yet to pay up.

Instead, Tasha took to social media to tell fans that she had just made a large deposit into the bank of Africa while on vacation. Tasha said she dropped $600 million CFA in her foreign account. That translates to $882,277.20 in US funds. Despite this, Cardi and her team still pushed to have Chase Bank hand over any money that Tasha may have left in her accounts. Unfortunately, the bank reported back that all Tasha left after running off to Africa was $1,083.02.

Cardi B has continued to taunt Tasha online and threaten to come for her money, but Tasha remains unfazed and posted her own taunt after the story broke that all she had left in her Chase account was 1k. Tasha pulled up to Chase and showed fans her withdrawal slip for the last bit of money, confirming that the news of her balance was true. She is offering fans a chance to win the remaining funds saying, “I think you can do a lot more with the money than I can.” Tasha is asking fans to upload a video stating what they will do with the money, and she will pay the winner this coming Sunday.

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