Tasha K Blasts Tia Mowry For Divorcing Cory Hardrict: ‘You Fell In Love With The Help”

Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict’s divorce is still under a heavy microscope by fans who feel they have not gotten answers about what went wrong. While Tia took to social media with her announcement and has been posting a lot of about her “new chapter,” Cory has been pretty silent. Blogger Tasha K thinks she has figured out what happened between the two and took to her new Roku Channel Show to discuss her thoughts.

Tia and Cory met when he was a struggling actor. Tia and her sister Tamera were already established stars with a hit sitcom at the time. While Cory has worked hard during their 14 years of marriage, he has never fully found the same level of success as his wife has. While Tia has gone to star in The Game and Family Reunion, Cory is just getting his second major series regular role as Coach Marcus Turner on All American: Homecoming. According to Tasha K, Tia is divorcing Cory because he is not giving her attention and making her feel like she is enough. “Nobody can tell you that!” she proclaims. Tasha says that Tia is acting off emotion and points to Cory’s post at the time of her divorce announcement as proof. Cory shared a meme to his story, saying, “acting on emotion will cost you every time.”

Tasha goes on to say that she cannot take their divorce seriously and claims that Cory knows Tia well, which is why he has not publicly responded to the allegations. She goes on to “inform” Tia that she “married the help” and is upset because Cory is between jobs. Fans in the comments did not go for this and rushed in to inform Tasha that Cory is very much employed and that her argument is solely based on assumptions but no facts.

“Reaching, sis! This is why folks sue you. They are very private we will never know details unless they tell it,” said one fan, referring to Tasha’s lawsuit with Cardi B. “Soooo, did you actually have a conversation with her orrrr are you making this up based on her IG posts or something,” questioned another follower.

What do you think of Tasha’s video? Is she right, or is she just spreading misinformation?

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