Tasha Smith Reveals Her & Michael Jai White Were In A Full Blown Relationship and People Didn’t Know

Actress Tasha Smith is opening up about her love life. Many fans may be unaware of her romantic dealings off-screen. However, it would probably be surprising to many that she was romantically involved with one of her onscreen lovers. Could you imagine if “Angela and Marcus” from Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married were a real-life couple? Imagine no longer because Tasha Smith revealed that she once dated her onscreen partner, Michael Jai White.

Tasha White has been open about her previous marriage to her former husband, Keith Douglas. But while appearing on CBS’s The Couch, the actress revealed that she and her co-star Michael Jai White were once a thing. The two have not only starred together in the Tyler Perry film and its sequel but also on the television show For Better or Worse as the same characters. They portrayed “Angela Williams” and “Marcus Williams,” a couple that love one another dearly but continually argues over various incidents that threaten to break their marriage. 

Tasha Smith said that her past relationship with Michael Jai White made it easier to work with him for the period they did on those productions. And while it’s evident that they both have moved on in their personal lives (Michael Jai White is married to actress Gillian Iliana White), they appear to share a great friendship.  Tasha Smith also later moved on and began dating late actor, Michael K. White.

During a joint interview with Madamenoire, Michael Jai White touched on the similarities his onscreen wife shares with Tasha White. For example, the actor revealed that both the character and the vessel are able to say things that most wouldn’t be able to get away with. “In that way, you’re heroic,” he said to Smith.  Michael Jai White also appeared on The Real, where he divulged that he’s “best friends” with Tasha Smith.

According to the actor, the two have known one another for over 20 years, and although their onscreen relationship is tumultuous, they’ve never argued in real life, even when they dated.

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