Taye Diggs Makes Relationship Official With Apryl Jones By Buying Her Outfit From CVS

On Beyonce’s second album B’Day, there was a particular song titled “Suga Mama.” The spoken-word piece on the song’s intro tells what Queen Bey is inspired to do because the loving was “so good.” I wanna buy him a short set, she said. Apparently, the same act can be done when the roles are reversed. Seemingly going public with their relationship, Apryl Jones posted a video to Instagram showing actor Taye Diggs buying her a matching womens’ short set.  

Following reports that the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star had been romantically involved with Dr. Dre, Apryl Jones’s journey with Taye Diggs seemingly began in late 2021. Film producer Jennifer Klein held a holiday party at a private residence in Brentwood, California, on December 4th. Pictures and videos soon circulated showing Taye Diggs accompanied by Apryl Jones for the star-studded bash. Interestingly enough, Just Jared claimed from inside sources that the pair “danced the night away on the outdoor dance floor.

Soon enough, both 51-year-old Taye Diggs and 34-year-old Apryl Jones began to post one another on their social media pages. Rumors continued to grow while the reality star and Taye Diggs, who is starring in the upcoming Peacock series The Best Man: The Final Chapters, posted themselves in hilarious moments.   The rumored couple recently attended a screening of Taye Diggs’s latest horror film, Incarnation. Photos show the two looking happy and all smiles on the red carpet for the event.

But are they, or aren’t they dating? Fans continued to speculate while they posted their shenanigans. Either way, the general consensus for fans is that they look good together as a couple, although many have criticized Apryl Jones’s intentions.   One fan commented on social media that “Apryl is where the money at [cyring emojis] at all times.” Another wrote, “One thing for sure and two things for certain.. sis gone get the bag. I love that for her.”  Another social media user stated, “Sis gonna get in where she can fit in. Men do it all the damn time so let her do her. I ain’t mad at all!”

While it could appear that the former reality star could only be after men with certain clout attached to them, money might not be the dignifying factor here. One of their more current postings on social media shows Taye Diggs getting ready to present gifts to his rumored girlfriend. But, in a hilarious twist, the items in the bag that he is gifting to her are from a CVS.

As he takes out a few items, the actor then pulls out what appears to be a floral womens’ short set. However, Taye Diggs wasn’t done. Out comes another outfit with another floral pattern that also appears to be a blouse and short combination.

When Apryl Jones asks her rumored boyfriend if he expected her to wear the outfit on their planned outing later that night, he assures her that she doesn’t have to. As she laughs and he smiles, Taye Diggs asks, “You don’t get treated like this, do you?” Apryl Jones then addresses the camera as she talks to her women followers. “Ladies, umm, find you someone that gets you stuff from CVS,” she says, but almost unable to get out as she was laughing too hard. The video ends with a sweet kiss on the cheek from Taye Diggs to his rumored girl.Check out the hilarious encounter below.

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