The chairs and tables of the largest restaurant in Asia are also made of ice

The igloo is known as the abode of the Eskimos, the people of the main snow country. Houses made of ice are called igloos. It looks a lot like a dome. The igloo is made from the inside while making. At first it didn’t have a door, but when the igloo was finished, the builders cut a door at the bottom and came out. Which is subsequently used for commuting. Everyone is curious about the Eskimos living in Igloo. If you want to satisfy that curiosity, you can go to Kashmir and eat igloo restaurant at low cost.

India’s first igloo restaurant has been set up in Gulmarg, Kashmir. The restaurant is under the Colhai Resort in Gulmarg. Which is the largest in size among all igloo restaurants in Asia. It’s all made of ice. Igloo Restaurant has all the facilities of a restaurant. After entering this restaurant, you will like the food by looking at the menu card. The waiters will then serve that food to your table. Igloo restaurants have been in vogue abroad for a long time. Especially in Switzerland, there are many popular igloo cafes.

Inside chairs, tables are all made of ice. Small windows have been made by cutting ice on the walls for ventilation. There are a total of 4 tables in the restaurant. So that it is possible to arrange seating for 18 people. The restaurant is 22 feet wide and 12 feet high from the inside. From the outside it is 15 feet high and 26 feet wide. Thick sheepskin is spread on ice chairs. Tourists sit on it.




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