The Debate About Rapper Nas’ Relevancy Continues, This Time Boosie Badazz Gives His Opinion

Nas is one of the most well-respected rappers of all time. The Queens legend is up there with the Jay-Z’s, Tupac‘s, and Biggie’s of the world and has been enjoying a legacy chapter that has yielded some of his most critically acclaimed work. Despite this, he still managed to get some pushback from new rapper 21 Savage, who argued that Nas is not as relevant as he used to be. Of course, Boosie Badazz chimed in as he always does and shared some of his thoughts on Nas as well.

While participating in a discussion on ClubHouse, 21 Savage expressed that he felt Nas was no longer relevant, despite him still making good music. He argued that Nas was benefitting from a loyal fanbase these days and not any recent hits or releases. When asked to elaborate, 21 said that Nas is irrelevant because he is not “connected or appropriate to what’s being done to be considered.”

21 did not like the backlash he immediately got and tweeted, “I would never disrespect Nas or any legend who paved the way for me; y’all be tryna take stuff and run with it.” Boosie Badazz chimed in, saying that half of Nas’s fanbase is dead. “For him to be winning a Grammy, he still has relevance in his era for sure. I just can’t say he’s relevant as far as today’s thing. I definitely agree he has relevance because ain’t too many n* doing what he’s doing at his age.”

People clowned Boosie, saying he was less relevant than Nas and looked older than him too. “Boosie looks like he 60, though. 🥴,” said one person. Another person said, “We could say the same about Boosie; his fan base is either dead or locked up.” Most people dismissed Boosie’s comments and felt he had no right to speak on the topic.

Meanwhile, Nas and 21 Savage actually connected and collaborated on a song called “One Mic, One Gun.” Nas said in a statement, “Only way we moving is with love, respect and unity. The foundational principles of hip hop. Excited to collaborate with my young brother and I hope more artists use turbulent moments and turn them into a time to make new art. That’s what it’s about.”

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