The History Of Rick Ross’ Relationship With Baby Mother, Briana Singleton

Rapper and mogul Rick Ross is having to cough up some significant cash to support his kids. The Wing Stop owner just reached a settlement with his baby mother to cover child support. The settlement offers a glimpse into the insane amount of money Ross makes and just how he is able to support her and their three children in addition to his kids from other relationships.

Rick Ross’s baby mother, Briana Singleton is a social media influencer, also know as Briana Camille. Briana has five kids total. Two are from a previous relationship, and she shares three (Berkley, 4, Billion, 3, & Bliss) with Rick Ross. Briana Singleton and Rick Ross began dating following his relationship with baby mother Tia Kemp, who’s the mother of Rick Ross’ second child and first son, William Roberts III. Briana made headlines last year in June when she required her the Miami rapper to take a COVID test in order to see his kids.

She filed legal docs in Fayette County requesting an emergency hearing for him to get tested for Covid claiming the rapper had not been social distancing and following CDC guidelines. In addition to this, Ross also denied being the father of her children. Briana Camille’s social media lists her as a US Army vet and the owner of Fit By Camille, a fashion-forward line of workout wear for women. The pair have had a tumultuous relationship that has played out pretty publicly over the year. In a trailer to her show “Getting Back to Bri,” she discusses how dating a celebrity is not easy. “Dating a celebrity would be the lavish lifestyle, of course. The cars, the jewelry, the shopping. Now there is a downside to this, the women, the headlines, the drama.”

She also discusses having postpartum depression following the birth of their child Billion and how she is struggling. “I don’t want to be bothered with my kids right now.” She briefly discussed their then ongoing legal battles and how her real goal is just for them to enjoy their kids together and watch them grow up.Now that they have reached a settlement, maybe this can actually happen. Based on Rick Ross’ monthly salary of $585,000, compared to Briana’s $125, TMZ is reporting that the Miami rapper will have to pay up $11,000 a month to help support their three children. In addition to this, Rick Ross is responsible for any extracurricular activities that cost over $7,000 and cover legal fees for Briana.

The successful rap star owns the Wing Stop franchise and has recently been in the news discussing his book A Perfect Day to Boss Up, detailing how he’s managed to make and maintain so much money. He recently celebrated his son, William Roberts III birthday by gifting the teen his very own Wing Stop location.

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