Despite The Number Of Times Mama Joyce Has Stepped Out of Line, Kandi Has Always Refused To Check Her, Now We Know Why

Kandi Burruss has to deal with the opinions of the public all the time. While she’s probably built up a tough skin towards public scrutiny over the years, we wonder if that extends to some of the outlandish things she is told by her own family. Her mother, Mama Joyce, seems to have an issue filtering the things she says, especially when it comes to Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker. Her latest dig at Todd has fans thinking maybe Kandi needs to check her before she loses her husband. Kandi recently revealed why she will never “check” her mama in the way fans would like.

While attending BravoCon in October, Mama Joyce did a panel where she took fan questions. One of their inquiries was who she would replace Todd with if she could swap out her son-in-law. The reality star responded, “someone with a decent job!” resulting in a great deal of laughter from the crowd. You can tell from her expression that she knew she’d crossed a line but continued to ham it up for the audience, enjoying the attention.

That same day, Andy Cohen filmed a BravoCon version of Watch What Happens Live! where he asked Mama Joyce to say three nice things about Todd. Her responses were, “He’s still short,” “he shaved his beard some,” and “he’s really nice to his kids.” Kandi, who was seated next to her, immediately looked over and said, “we could have done without the first two.” Mama Joyce tried to clean it up by adding that her relationship with Todd was “much better.”

This is not the first time Mama Joyce has said some crazy things about her son-in-law. She has always accused him of being an opportunist and even alleged that Todd had an affair with Kandi’s friend Carmon. Carmon and Todd have both denied these accusations. Fans of Burruss feel like her mother’s real gripe with Todd is the fear that he could make Kandi establish boundaries with her mother she’s never properly had. Several sites have blasted Mama Joyce with headlines like” ‘The Only Thing Mama Joyce Loves Is Kandi’s Money’: Mama Joyce Shades Todd Tucker Again, Fans Think She’s In Competition with Todd Over Kandi’s Money.”

Kandi even told Todd about her mother’s request not to list him as a beneficiary if something happened to her. Mama Joyce claims she did not trust Todd to take care of Kandi’s eldest daughter Riley in the event that something went wrong and preferred Riley to be the main person allowed to make decisions on Kandi’s estate.

All of this drama is not lost on Kandi. During an episode of Sway Universe, she admitted that she does not understand how to create boundaries for herself and her mother. “I never kind of got the hang of what do you do in the mama situation because you know I was raised like your mama is your mama. You can’t cut your mama off.” While she believes she’s formed “some” boundaries, it is clear there is still a lot of work to do between the family.

Kandi says Mama Joyce has a ton of siblings, and she fears if she ever calls her out they will gang up on her.

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