The way the mysterious mirror land has developed

Salar de Uni is the largest mirror land in the world. Its area is 10 thousand 572 square kilometers. The location of the huge mirror is in southwestern Bolivia. It is located at an altitude of 36,575 meters above sea level. This mirror land is one of the infinite wonders of nature. This flat land has been created by the accumulation of salt. About 30-42 thousand years ago, this region was part of a huge prehistoric lake, Lake Minchin. Later, as a result of thousands of years of continuous change, the water of the historic lake dried up.

However, many minerals, including salt and lithium, remain in the sediment. It contains 50-60 percent of the world’s lithium reserves. This vast region becomes the largest natural mirror in the world during the rainy season. There is rainfall from December to March. Then a wonderful scene was created across the area mile after mile. The sky seems to have melted to the ground. In the dry season the place stays white. Then Salar de Uni turned into a salt desert. Vehicles can then move on it.

You can visit Salar de Uni at any time. There are rental cars available for tourists from nearby cities. Every day about 200 tourists come to visit Ainabhumi. There are a few small islands in the middle of Salar de Uni. If you go to these islands, your mind is full! The islands contain hundreds of years old cactus. At sunrise and sunset, Salar de Uni is more beautiful than any other place in the world.






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