Tia Mowry & Husband Cory Hardrict Show Love To Each Other Days After Announcing Divorce

It’s been a week since Tia Mowry announced her divorce from Cory Hardrict following 14 years of marriage. In the time since, several other couples have come forward with announcements of their splits, devastating fans across the internet. While many are sad to see Tia and Cory go their separate ways, the pair have seemed pretty determined to do things on their own terms, meaning showing each other nothing but love. 

It was unclear the status of their split and the actual reason why is still a mystery to fans. However, Tia took to her IG on October 4th to announce that she and Cory would be going on without each other. The duo shares a family, and she stressed her main concern would be co-parenting and keeping things peaceful for the children. “I am grateful for all the happy times we had together and want to thank my friends, family, and fans for your love and support as we start this new chapter moving forward in our lives.”

Cory, on the other hand, has kept pretty quiet about it all. Following her announcement, he shared a meme to his story about people who make choices in a rush or off emotions and how they always lose in the end. He followed this up with several posts of him face timing his children and promoting his upcoming season on All American: Homecoming. When pressed by fans to confess to cheating, Cory eventually responded “no” flat out to questions surrounding if there was any infidelity. 

Tia has begun her “new chapter” on social media with a photoshoot celebrating her newfound freedom. In it, Tia thanked fans for the outpouring of love saying, “I am grateful for all the happy times we had together and want to thank my friends, family, and fans for your love and support as we start this new chapter moving forward in our lives.” She continued saying, “The outpouring of love I received from you over the last week has been so encouraging and humbling. I’m so grateful to you all.” 

Cory hopped in the comments to support his soon-to-be ex-wife with a heart emoji. Tia responded, “@coryhardrict, I love you ❤️.” Fans were immediately engaged with the interaction, and it currently had 4,000 responses. Some people wonder if the exchange means that they’ve reconciled, while others understand that the two are trying to show people that their split is amicable and positive. “@tiamowry straight up, this is how ALL divorces should be handled. With love, compassion, and grace. Keep being the example.”

In a follow-up post, Tia continued with her theme of “new books” and “new chapters.” She sat on her bedside posing and looking off in the distance while words on the screen said, “this chapter of my life is called ‘my turn.'” The voiceover says, “there’s a lot of other people you could be falling in love with, but you’re choosing you.” Her famous friends jumped in the comments to support her. Gabrielle Union said, “Yesssss, girl!.”

Although the details regarding the divorce remain private, it’s clear both Tia and Cory have chosen to make sure the divorce doesn’t turn messy. The couple has been together many years were unsure if a prenup was signed prior to the marriage. Both individuals careers have blossomed since their union. Overall, it appears the well-being and protection of their children seems to be the number one priority of Tia and Cory.

Regardless of whether they choose to finalize the divorce or give the marriage another try, we wish them nothing but the best. Let us know what you think.

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