Tia Mowry Officially Moves Forward With Divorce, Shares Subliminal Messages Hours Before Serving Cory Hardrict With Papers

Despite announcing her divorce at the top of the month, fans of Tia Mowry still held on to hope that she and her husband may reconcile. While Tia has seemed eager to make her time alone productive, Cory has dropped hints here and there that he is fighting for his family no matter what. Despite not saying reconciliation was off the table, it seems Tia is officially moving forward with the divorce after a few weeks to figure things out.

It’s still unknown what exactly went down between Tia and Cory. The pair have been keeping very private about it all to protect themselves and their kids. Tia was the first to announce the split on social media with a lengthy post. While Cory never officially released a statement, he did share some posts to his story that alluded to Tia making “emotional decisions.”

Despite this, he would eventually follow things up by leaving heart emojis under her various posts about her new life and new book. Tia has been busy plugging her newfound freedom in videos burning sage, self-reflecting, and even taking herself to Disneyland. “The outpouring of love I received from you over the last week has been so encouraging and humbling. I’m so grateful to you all,” she told supporters.

Meanwhile, Cory has been busy plugging the latest season of All American: Homecoming. He went on IG live on October 18th to promote the premiere and made sure to let his fans know he still very much loved his family and his wife. Fans took this as a sign that he wanted to win Tia back.

When TMZ caught up with Tia in Los Angeles, she did not rule out a reconciliation, instead just saying that her focus was the kids and her healing. However, it looks like she is indeed moving forward with plans to leave Cory. Radar Online reports that Cory was served with divorce papers officially only days after confessing his love on social media. Around that time, Tia posted a meme to her story, reading, “Letting go can be painful. But it won’t hurt as much holding on to an illusion.”

Tia is ready to go her separate way and has hired powerful divorce attorney Laura Wasser who also represented Dr. Dre and Kim Kardashian in recent divorces. She is requesting joint legal and physical custody and has denied Cory any spousal support. The court documents also reveal that they signed a prenuptial agreement back in 2008.

Cory has not said much, with most of his social media dedicated to show promotion. He did jump in a fan’s comments a few weeks ago to dispel any rumors that he was cheating. Tia has also shown him love back in her comments, so whatever is has not been so bad that they cannot communicate.

However, Tia is still soldiering forward. On her IG story today she shared a post saying, “You look happier since you decided to let people lose you instead of begging them to choose you.”

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