Tia Mowry Secures Brand Partnership, While Cory Hardrict Promotes New Season Of All American Amid Divorce

While the public is still trying to unpack their split, newly divorced couple Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Cory Hardrict have to continue working now that they’ll be splitting off into two different households. The split shocked many fans of the pair, who fell in love with their Hollywood romance and followed them through social media and reality television. Tia is soldiering on focusing on her children and business. The actress recently secured a new brand partnership while Cory celebrates the latest season of his CW show.

Tia Mowry shocked fans when she announced her and Cory’s split last week. Their divorce came the same day as Miguel and Nazanin and the same week as Tom Brady and Gisele. Fans online have been taking it hard, jumping into comments sections to accuse Cory of cheating or Tia of being “too much” for her husband. They’ve been combed through older interviews and accused him of being toxic and unhappy and Tia of being overbearing. Whatever happened, the duo does not seem to be showing signs of slowing down as they begin to unpack what life looks like without each other.

For Cory, he has a new season of All American: Homecoming to focus on. The spin-off of Taye Digg’s starring All American, Cory’s series follows a handful of athletes at a Historical Black College struggling to figure out life and the work/school balance. Cory plays Coach Marcus Turner, a former student at the school and pro-baseball player whose career was sidelined from an injury. The character, much like Cory, is described as “tough and blunt,” a critique often given of actor when he looked annoyed or uninterested in social media clips with his former wife.

Tia, on the other hand, is moving into a new brand partnership with Pinterest that was announced on October 4th. She is helping fans score their dream vacation in collaboration with Marriot, Chase, and Pinterest, encouraging fans to create their “boundless bucketlist” on the collage app in order to win “the trip of a lifetime, valued at up to $50,000 each.” In an interview announcing the deal, Tia expresses how important traveling is for her and how she traveled abroad in college and saw the world. Contest winners will be notified by November 7, 2022.

Tia took to social media earlier today to thank family, friends and fans for the outpouring of love throughout the last week. “The outpouring of love I received from you over the last week has been so encouraging and humbling. I’m so grateful to you all,” the actress wrote. Noticeably, the actress has dropped Hardrict from her last name across social media. In other news, Cory Hardrict can be seen in a new season of ‘All American: Homecoming” premiering tonight on CW.

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