Tia Mowry Taking Things One Day At A Time Following Divorce Announcement, Hasn’t Ruled Out Reconciling With Cory Hardrict

Could there be hope for some of our October divorces? Fans of Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict seem to think so. After announcing their split earlier this month, followers have been online combing over the couple’s posts, trying to see if the two are still interacting. They’ve also been going through past interviews to determine what went wrong.

Tia is a Hollywood vet and has been handling the split like someone with a strong PR team, but a recent discussion with TMZ has fans thinking there could be a reconciliation on the horizon. Tia Mowry announced on October 4th that she and Cory would be parting after 14 years. She asked for peace while they figured out their co-parenting arrangement and assured fans that Cory did nothing wrong. Tia has been using the time to get back to herself and, in a series of posts since, has been really dialing in on the idea of this being her own chapter. 

In between promotional posts for projects with Amazon and Pinterest, Tia has posed it up alone in some black and white snaps with a car. She thanked her audience for supporting her and told them to stay tuned for what her next chapter would be about. In a follow-up video, she sat bedside smiling while a voice-over spoke about falling in love with yourself. In another one, she held some burning sage and threatened it to “fix” her life. She captioned it, “We nama-stay positive 😂😏 #GoodVibesOnly.”

Cory Hardrict has gotten a lot of backlash from the split. The All-American Homecoming star met Tia when he was a struggling actor. While he has established himself over the years, some have always pointed out how uninterested he seems because of his rest b**** face. Many have assumed he was cheating on Tia or just flat-out mean to her based on old interviews. Soon as the divorce announcement was made, fans immediately believed the actor cheated on wife, Tia Mowry. Many cited that’s the only reason a woman would leave at 14 years.

In reality, Cory has been the picture of a perfect co-parent. He did post a bit of a dig towards Tia on the day of the divorce, a meme about people making decisions in an emotional state, but since then, his focus has seemed to be promoting his show and supporting his kids. The actor allegedly was caught off guard with the divorce. However, many fans believed the writing was on the walls after reviewing past interviews with Tia and Cory.

Cory took to IG Live earlier this week to promote All American: Homecoming , and he thanked fans for supporting the series and him. In All American: Homecoming , Cory plays Coach Marcus Turner. The show made it’s return to television last week. Cory said that it is all love and took the opportunity to let his audience know that he deeply loved his wife and children as well. This was a few weeks after he dropped a heart emoji under one of Tia’s “new chapter” posts. 

So can these two work things out? TMZ caught Tia during a grocery run this week and asked the million-dollar question. A very happy and bubbly Tia did not give any hard answers and just stressed that her focus right now is taking things one day at a time and focusing on the children. It’s a far cry from the look Nia Long gave when asked the same question by TMZ. 

Would you be here for a Tia and Cory reunion? Let us know what you think.

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