Tichina Arnold Admits Struggling As A Single Mom: ‘Nobody Plans To Be A Single Mother & Do It All Alone’

Tichina Arnold is living the single life but admits there are some struggles. For one, she’s raising her daughter as a single mother, which comes with its own set of issues. The actress is now becoming candid on what it really takes to be a single mother in these streets.

Martin actress Tichina Arnold became a mom 18 years ago. She gave birth to a daughter, Alijah Kai Haggins, in March 2004 with Grammy Award-nominated producer Carvin Haggins. The two were in a relationship for some years before calling it quits. The actress then began dating DaRico Hines, a basketball coach currently serving under the Toronto Raptors franchise. They got wed on August 18, 2012, making it her second marriage. But four years later, the actress announced that what she thought was their wedded bliss was now over.

The split between Tichina Arnold and DaRico Hines was anything but amicable. The drama surrounding their separation involved an alleged indecent tape that the actress found with Hines and another woman. But after years of separation, TMZ revealed via official court documents that Tichina Arnold finally filed for divorce from Hines in 2021.

Tichina Arnold may be living as a single woman, but she’s found joy in her daughter. Like both of her parents, Alijah Kai Higgins has impressive musical gifts. Many fans know of Arnold’s musical background, hearing her sing on Martin and Little Shop of Horrors, and more. At times, the actress has showcased her daughter’s musicality with videos of the two singing, as seen here. Alijah also went viral for her rendition of Tevin Campbell’s classic, “Can We Talk.”

Tichina Arnold appeared on Fox Soul’s Tea G-I-F, where she spoke on raising Alijah. Admittedly, she shared that things “weren’t easy” initially. Additionally, Arnold spoke on Alijah’s desire to be a dancer, although she encouraged her to utilize her “beautiful voice.” But her daughter was “stubborn” and didn’t want to sing. Arnold highlighted that they had “frustrating” times. Still, once she began posting videos of their relationship and singing, she started receiving various positive reactions ranging from single mothers to single fathers.  

“Nobody plans to be a single mother. Nobody plans to do it alone,” said Tichina Arnold. But thankfully, she has a wonderful tribe that helps to uplift and raise her daughter.

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