Tim Norman Claims He’s Being Held Without Any Evidence, Hasn’t Seen His Mom In Over 18 Months

Things in the Sweetie Pies family are getting worse. Tim Norman, son of Miss Robbie Montgomery, is currently awaiting trial which is suppose to begin next month. More details are seemingly arising as a YouTube channel is avidly dedicated to reporting on the case. But Norman is now speaking up as he remains behind bars with claims that there is no evidence against him.

The Eat With Phylly Phyl Talk Show & More on YouTube has been active since 2013 and normally contains content surrounding food and cooking. Fitting as host Phylly Phyl could perhaps have visited one of the locations of the famous Sweetie Pie’s restaurant. But amid her food review and cooking videos, she has seemingly dedicated time to covering the Tim Norman case.

YouTuber Phylly Phyl often goes live and has segments with callers to speak on the case. Many callers are allegedly locals who have claimed to know the family or are familiar with them. For instance, she took a call from an alleged former employee of Sweetie Pie’s who claimed that employees used to work under unfair conditions.  In another video, another former employee called Phylly Phyl to speak on her alleged experience with the Montgomery family. The caller spoke highly of the deceased nephew Andre Montgomery while making claims of Tim Norton’s “jealous” ways. And in another clip, the YouTuber spoke to another caller who claims to have grown up with Norman and shared stories of his local crimes and “ungrateful” ways toward his family.

A recent YouTube video from the Chronicle Speaks channel recently uploaded a video that seemingly captured a recent post from an Instagram account that has since been deleted. According to the social media post, Norman claims he has been given no access to family, nor has he been able to leave the “same room for 18 months.”  “No letters, No visits, No fresh air,” read the lengthy post. The posting from Norman further claims that any requests made by him to prove his innocence has been denied. This includes weekly requests for visits by his mother, Miss Robbie, which have all been denied, he alleges. 

Tim Norman spoke about his inability to talk to news or media outlets on his behalf. “Feds can put out news, but we can’t put out anything because of a ‘gag or protection order,'” he wrote. Norman also argues that he’s being held with no substantial evidence. The video further brings forward court documents from a recent evidentiary hearing. According to records, Detective David Rudolph was recently subpoenaed by Norman’s legal team to testify on the allegations regarding a seizure of his cell phone. In addition, the video brings up a past lawsuit where the detective was alleged to have destroyed substantial evidence.

Miss Robbie Montgomery is standing beside her son. She’s been very vocal about her support for Tim Norman during his incarceration and the allegations surrounding his case. During a June 2022 interview with Fox 2 St. Louis, the entertainer and restauranteur declared that she knows no more details than the public because she “hears about it when [you] do.” Miss Robbie further stated that regardless of the trouble he’s in, and its damning details, her support for him will not waver. But others feel she’s just as guilty and may know more than what she’s claiming.

A woman who claimed to be from St. Louis and had a very close relationship with the Norman family states that Miss Robbie is to blame. Calling into The Eat With Phylly Phyl Talk Show & More, she said, “Miss Robbie ain’t what y’all think she is. Miss Robbie is in this stuff as deep as her son.” Further stamping her connections to the Norman family, the woman boldly alleged that they are a family of “killers.” She then detailed many instances to further prove her claims.

In addition, the woman namedrops another woman, Blanche Perkins, and says that Phylly Phyl needs to contact her for extensive details on the family’s indiscretions. She then asserts that Norman will “spend the rest of his life in jail” and that Miss Robbie “should be sitting right there with him.” “She’s not telling the truth, and she’s not clean-handed,” the woman added. 

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