Tina Turner’s Husband Says He Refused To Lose Tina Turner When She Became Sick: “I Don’t Want Another Wife Or Life” Donated Kidney

Fans of Tina Turner are still greaving the star as we learn more about her final years.

A music icon for decades, Turner had quietly retired to Switerzland to live out her final years with her husband, music executive Erwin Bach. While fans have always appreciated him for the love he brought Turner, they are particularly grateful for him as it was revealed that his desire to keep his wife as long as possible actually helped Turner survive an additional seven years.

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach fell in love almost instantly. After years of abuse at the hands of Ike Turner, the “Proud Mary” vocalist had a very specific idea of how her next man should treat her.

After meeting Bach at a meeting and finding him attractive, Tina was ready to seal the deal once she realized their zodiac signs were compatible. Fast forward years later, and Bach was by her side through her best years, even helping her earn a few extras.

When Tina’s kidney functions began to dwindle, Bach was so troubled he looked into every option to save his wife. When he realized he could give her his kidney, he instantly began getting tested to make sure that they were a match. In her memoirs, Turner talked about how Bach approached her to offer his kidney. “He said he didn’t want another woman or another life. Then he shocked me. He said he wanted to give me one of his kidneys.”

The procedure was not an immediate success, and Turner’s body initially rejected the kidney. More hospitalization was required, but eventually, it earned her a few additional years.

Turner spent the next few years tying up her loose ends and preparing for a proper retirement. This meant the production of her HBOMax documentary and one final public appearance to see the premiere of the Broadway musical made in her name.

Tina has said that Bach taught her true love and allowed her to shine as brightly as possible without feeling threatened by her success. He claims Bach was not the least bit intimidated by her career, talent, or fame.

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