Tina Turner’s Husband Donated His Kidney To The Singer & Gave Her A Second Chance At Life Prior To Her Passing

The world is still reeling from the loss of Tina Turner. The Queen of Rock and Roll passed away on May 24th, 2023, at the age of 83.

The icon could have left us much sooner, as she revealed in her 2018 memoir Tina Turner: My Love Story. In it, Turner talks about how issues with her kidney had her knocking at death’s door. It would be a generous gesture from her husband that earned the “Proud Mary” vocalist a few more years.

Erwin Bach is the man who was by Tina Turner’s side for the latter half of her life. Turner and the music industry exec met in the late ’80s.

Tina has admitted over the years to being immediately taken by Bach, asking him to make love to her shortly after a business meeting where she had everyone read their astrological charts out loud.

Bach was by Turner’s side when she suffered a stroke in 2013 and through her bout with intestinal cancer. In 2017, Tina’s health took another nose dive due to her low kidney functions.

Turner contemplated ending her own life, something that is legal in the country of Switzerland, where she lived in her final years. Bach could not stand to live without her and began the process of seeing if he and his wife would be a match for a kidney transplant. The couple eventually underwent the surgery, and Tina was able to extend her life a few more years.

During that time, Tina lost both her biological sons. Ironically enough, she would also see her career be immortalized in a Broadway musical and HBOMax documentary. A fitting send-off for the icon, who quietly retired back to her how in Switzerland for her final years.

Turner has reportedly left behind a 250 million dollar fortune. With two sons deceased and the other estranged, it’s being speculated that Bach will inherit all of that money.

Tina knew she was in her final days and reportedly began getting her estate in order several years ago so that there would be no fight over her fortune.

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