TLC’s Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas Details Why She’s Still Single At 50

TLC’s Chilli has been one of music’s most eligible bachelorettes for much of her career. The “No Scrubs” songstress has had a few high-profile relationships (Usher, Dallas Austin) but has remained single a lot of her career. Fans continue to question why, as Ms. Chilli seems like the perfect package for a man ready to wed. However, she recently took to social media to set the record straight and let fans know that when the time is right, Chilli will settle down. Until then, she’s staying on the market.

If you recall, back in 2010, Chilli teamed up with VH-1 on her quest to find love with her show ‘What Chilli Wants.’ In the end, Chilli chose model and businessman Lasse Larsen.  However, that did not work out. The singer has also been linked to Floyd Mayweather (who she considers a friend), Wayne Brady, and news anchor TJ Homes. 

Recently, Hollywood Unlocked posted some screenshots of Chilli interacting with a fan online who questioned why the 50-year-old singer is still single. “well, why she don’t got a husband?? Something off,” the fan commented. The comment/question sparked the attention of Chilli, who decided to respond. “Because I’m not into settling for bull (poop emoji),” Chilli stated. The fan decided to probe further, saying, “Males are born thirsty, all you have to do is pick one!! Stop going for dudes out of your league and pick the dude that actually like you. Everyone can’t have a fine Millionaire!” Chilli ended the conversation, sharing she hadn’t met a man in her league yet. Also, claiming what she wants is a rare find, just like herself.

Fans seemed to support her decision saying, “to answer that question, everybody ain’t gotta end up married settle for what when you know you’re worth!” Another asked, “Why do she need a husband? 🙄” “Right! And some people get married for the wrong reason. Just because you’re married don’t mean you’re happy.” chimed in another.

Chilli joins a growing list of women who are ok being single unless the right man comes along. Vivica A. Fox recently let fans know that she has no plans to settle after years of being questioning why she is single or does not have kids. According to Fox, the right man just never came along. Vivica also let it be known that although she thought she found her ideal man, her family quickly let her know he was NOT the one, something she is grateful for.

Tracee Ellis Ross faces this question a lot. She recently told Marie Claire, “And I would still love [a wedding], but what am I going to do, just sit around, waiting? Shut up. I’ve got so many things to do,” said Ross. She also felt this is a desire programmed into our minds and thinks that it is not necessary.

Chilli, Vivica, and Tracee are not alone. They join a long line of a successful woman who simply refuse to settle. Oprah has always been anti-marriage, as has Whoppi Goldberg. “The View” host has gone on record saying she does not like answering to anyone or sharing her home with a man. She feels marriage is a burden. Cher famously said she does not need to marry a rich man because she “is a rich man.” Do you think these women are right? Is marriage the end all be all or simply a cherry on top?

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