Tokyo Vanity Reveals Drastic Weight Loss

Tokyo Vanity found fame as a supporting cast member on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta. Making her debut on its seventh season, Vanity became known for her relationship with Tabius Tate and their various struggles. Also chronicled on the show was Vanity’s struggle with her weight. It was a constant source of criticism from castmates and fans of the show and has led Vanity down a very public journey to weight loss. Well, now she wants to show off some of her results.

At the top of 2020, Tokyo Vanity made it clear she was ready for a change. She began a weight loss journey and started sharing her workout routines and healthier eating habits with her followers. With the help of trainer Body By Ted, Vanity documented her progress through his website They offered fans a chance to join them on their workouts via virtual classes. By April of 2020, Vanity was already showing off an impressive 50lbs drop.

In a social media post around that time, Vanity told her followers, “Let me help y’all better see my vision wheew child 😍🥰 @bodybyted we coming for the summerrrrrrrrrrr.” Today she gave fans another update, showing her much smaller body on Instagram with an inspiring before and after collage. “🥺💕 and so much more to go . . .” Vanity captioned the post.

The post definitely got people talking. A tickled Vanity followed it up with a tweet revealing that men are loving her new physique and now want to take her on “walking dates.” “Yall I done uploaded my weight loss pics now all the men in DMs asking me on walking dates. That’s so cute (crying laughing emoji).” she reshared the Tweet on Instagram with the caption “Not y’all wanna go walking with me (laughing emoji).” Fans chimed in, giving Vanity some extra gas. “Tell them walk to the bank and get that cashiers check in yo name” said Supa Cent. “tell em walk you to the bank, you BEEN PRESSURE! 💅🏽” said another fan.

This journey has been a long one for Vanity. During her time on Love & Hip-Hop, fellow cast member Sierra expressed some concerns for her health after Tokyo stormed out of the gym. She came over to Tokyo’s house to discuss her concerns and found her cooking a super unhealthy meal. “If Tokyo wants heart disease or diabetes, that’s fine. But I know that’s not what Tokyo what for herself,” said Sierra.

Sierra understood her struggle because she too was obese at the age of 25 and at risk of taking insulin. Tokyo Vanity was not too happy about the critique at the time, saying that her brand was body positivity and that she worked very hard to love herself. The conversation escalated into a full-out food fight between the two women. Tokyo eventually bounced back and during a past reunion discussed her battle with depression and how it helped her set new goals for herself. She expressed her desire to lose weight and get healthy. Shoutout to Tokyo for making the change.

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