Top Hip Hop Artist Trending After Liking Questionable Video On Twitter, Fans React

Representation and support for all groups of individuals have grown substantially in recent years. Actresses like MJ Rodriguez and Laverne Cox have become Hollywood heavyweights, and several men who used to love these women in silence have finally found the courage to come forward, like Malik Yoba. With all the advances in culture still comes a lot of underlined shame, and if you let Angelica Ross tell it, a lot of guys are still secretive about ‘who’ they are attracted to.

In a viral moment a few years ago, Laverne Cox and Angelica Ross posed it up for cameras outside a West Hollywood restaurant where they joked about more men in hip-hop coming out while celebrating Lil Nas X. The ladies exchanged knowing glances and laughed as TMZ asked them, “do you think there’s more?” Laverne’s face got very serious as she responded, “girl!” while Angelica Ross of Pose yelled, “we all know chile!” Angelica Ross made headlines last year when she alluded to rapper DaBaby being flirty and attempting to holler at her. However, the allegations backfired and Ross was called out by fans.

Several others have alluded to relationships with men in hip-hop. Amiyah Scott from Fox’s Star had the internet sleuths working hard over the summer when she opened up about a popular rapper’s wife hiring her to do her hair before Scott became an actress. When Amiyah arrived, the rapper was also present, and instead of doing hair, the three engaged in an intimate interaction. The rumor mill has speculated that the woman in question could either be Amber Rose or Blac Chyna, making the “rapper” in question anyone from Wiz Khalifa to Kanye to Tyga. 

Speaking of Kardashian-adjacent men, Lamar Odom is taking a different approach to his interaction with transwomen. The retired basketball star has taken no shame in getting close to actress Daniiellè Alexis. They shared several photos together where she gushed about their connection and complimented him. Fans in the comments seemed to really think Odom and Alexis made a great pair and applauded him for being happy and not caring what people think. Conflicting sources report that they are not dating, so it is unclear 100% the nature of their relationship, but it could definitely be platonic. 

Darius McCrary has a platonic friendship with personality Sidney Starr. They have undoubtedly played into it, posing together for photoshoots and interacting online. While Darius has no issues complimenting her, working with her, or even sharing intimate space in shoots with her, he says there is no relationship, and they are just friends. Sidney Starr also revealved that she is also great friends with Taye Diggs. However, the two have never been photographed together.

Sydney plays it a little more coy when discussing their friendship, always alluding to their possibly being more. She had a similar story with rapper Chingy, who she allegedly dated years ago. Chingy says this is not true, and he simply posed for a picture with her when she danced background for Ludacris. The bad press of him possibly dating Sydney derailed his career, and his label severed ties with him. Clearly, stories like this could probably add to why so many male artists are worried about being tied to Sidney Starr, be it romantically or even in a photo. 

Rumors lingered for years over the likes of Diddy, Eddie Murphy, and Kanye West. West’s pension for highly augmented women and friendship with model Amanda Lepore has always been a red flag for fans trying to figure out what is going on behind the scenes. Fellow Chicago MC Chance The Rapper is the latest and least likely to be caught up in any type of scandal. While his brother is a proud queer artist, Chance has built his brand on wholesome values and an all-American appeal. He married his childhood sweetheart, had children, makes family-friendly music, and goes to church. 

So you can understand why fans were shocked to see that Chance, or someone using his Twitter account, liked an intimate scene featuring a transwoman. “NOOOO CHANCE YOUR TWITTER LIKES ARE PUBLIC @chancetherapper,” responded one fan with a photo of Walter White yelling. “chance the rapper had a chance to finally beat the corny allegations, but he went and unliked the videos instead…” said someone else. However, screenshots of the video are still circulating on Twitter, with fans questioning why Chance has not addressed the incident yet. 

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