Transgender Sidney Starr Reveals She’s Also Friends With Taye Diggs Following Darius Mcrary Drama

Sidney Starr is on a mission to prove who she is connected with. In the middle of the Darius McCrary saga, she’s attempting to bring another famous actor into the mix. Now, Sidney Starr is claiming a close relationship with actor Taye Diggs. This week, social media was rampant with the belief that Family Matters star Darius McCrary and transgender reality star Sidney Starr were in a relationship. Pictures and videos from a recent photoshoot saw the pair cozied up in sometimes intimate positions. In one particular video, they can be seen wrapped up in an embrace and kissing, and Starr begins to dancing on McCrary.

Darius McCrary, along with his representation, did their best to deny the rumors of any romantic relationship with Sidney Starr. According to a statement from McCrary’s rep, who also shared previous business dealings with the former Love and Hip Hop New York star, Sidney Starr had been attempting to fabricate the story in the hopes to attract Mona Scott’s attention. McCrary would also inform the public that he was engaged. “I think that my fiancée would really have something different to say,” McCrary said in a video uploaded to social media. “That’s what y’all should really be focusing on, where that ring is.” He would later appear with his fiancee in an interview where they further denied the allegations, labeling Starr’s attempts as “clout chasing.”

Since Darius McCrary has refuted Starr’s claims, she is still doubling down that the two are close. Sidney Starr posted yet another photo on her Instagram Stories with the actor with the caption, “I’m always the villain, huh? WTF!” In what seemed to be another move from Sidney to attempt to prove her clout, she posted another photo with another actor, Taye Diggs. The picture shows Taye Diggs embracing Starr and she captions it, “I’m friends with a lot of straight men in the industry.”

While Taye Diggs has not made any response to Sidney Starr’s photo, it is to be noted that the actor is an advocate for LGBTQ rights. Diggs was previously married to actress Idina Menzel, with whom he shares a son. He also dated actress Amanza Smith, but the two broke up in 2018. Taye Diggs joined in support of the NOH8 Campaign to raise awareness for various LGBTQ rights and for gay marriage. He has also portrayed gay characters in his career, such as for the film Opening Night. Diggs was also cast in the lead role of a gender queer character in the Broadway musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” in 2015. He would make history as the first African American to do so.

Speaking with TMZ in 2015, Taye Diggs revealed how he was able to prepare for the role. “I went through a stage where I was a drag queen in high school in tenth and eleventh grade, and I experimented with homosexuality[…] And outside of that, I worked the streets, male [worker],” he said before revealing that he was just joking. Diggs, however, did note that there was a “flaming homosexual inside of me, so I’m raring to let that out.”

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