Triangle love movie ‘Love Like Crazy’ Released

The cinema hall was closed due to Corona. The release of many movies was stuck. Gradually the world is becoming normal by overcoming the fear of corona. Tikao has come into the hands of people. So again, everywhere.

Cinema hall business has also become vocal in Dhaliwade. The movie is being released. In that series, the romantic-action triangle love movie ‘Love Like Crazy’ was released on February 19.

The film is directed by Shaheen Sumon. He has made many successful pictures at one time. This time Asif Nur, Adhara Khan and Sumit Sengupta are in the picture. This is the first film to be released in elusive but the third film in terms of release.

The shooting of ‘Love Like Crazy’ started in 2016. In March 2020, the film was cleared by the censor board. The producer could not release it for so long as the theater was closed due to Corona. All in all, it is being released five years after the shooting started.

Elusive said about this, “The picture through which I first stood in front of the camera, that picture is being released after five years. It is a pleasure to think that the viewer will finally see the picture. I urge everyone to go to the theater and watch the film in accordance with the hygiene rules. Apart from Asif-Adhara-Sumit, there are some familiar faces of Dhaliwood in ‘Love Like Crazy’.

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