Troubled Actor Orlando Brown Reignites 2017 Beef With Soulja Boy, Rapper Responds

Orlando Brown is not afraid to start a beef with just about anyone. The visibly disturbed former Disney star has kept his celebrity alive in recent years through a series of strange and unhinged outbursts with everyone from Raven Symone to Michael Jackson as his targets. Brown attempted to get help last year after coming clean about his struggles on an episode of Dr. Phil. Unfortunately, it appears he is back to his old ways and is trying to start up drama once again with the latest celebrity being Soulja Boy.

Just last month, Orlando Brown resurfaced in a Funny Marco interview where he claimed Bow Wow had some [bomb stuff] and doubled down in several other interviews. Bow Wow did not find it funny and called out fans for requesting a response from him. The rapper went on to dismiss Orlando, saying, “I AM A BOY DAMON!” Brown tried something similar with Snoop Dogg, making similar claims, but Snoop never took the bait. Brown seems to believe he’s been with other male celebrities, even declaring to have had a relationship with a cross-dressing Nick Cannon in the past. Nick responded to these claims in a more serious manner, pointing out there obvious mental issues that Brown is having and asking people to pray for him.

One person who will not take the high road in a beef is Soulja Boy. The “Crank That” hitmaker can troll with the best of them and was prepared for Orlando after the “That’s So Raven” star tried to come for him. Issues between Soulja and Orlando stem back to 2017 when Brown released a diss video aimed at the Love & Hip-Hop cast member. In it, Orlando wears a crown and sunglasses and accused Soulja Boy of “humping his homies” before showing a video of the alleged action. “And you happy about it! Happy about rubbing [expletive] he screamed. He then launches into an impromptu rap with his buddy, where they lay out some scathing bars aimed at Soulja.

When asked about the video during a recent interview with Cam Capone, Orlando went completely left field and started speaking in circles about Soulja Boy, seeming to confuse or compare him to Whitney Houston. “Soulja Boy is Whitney Houston, I don’t have a problem with that [man]. Do I have a problem with Soulja Boy or Whitney Houston? I don’t have a problem with Whitney Houston.” When questioned again by Capone, Orlando claims that Whitney Houston was living in Soulja Boy’s body.

Soulja Boy decided to respond to Brown on IG live calling him a “crackhead.” Soulja said people questioned why he would respond to Orlando if he already has a bigger beef going on with Kanye West. Soulja says he does not care about that and that Orlando can get all the smoke if he comes to his city. “You ain’t never seen this much money in your life. I’m a real millionaire.” He proceeded to roast him for a few minutes while making fun of his drug usage before declaring, “Better go play with That’s So Raven! Don’t ever say my name in an interview!”

What do you think about Soulja Boy’s response?

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