Tyrese Provides Update On Mother In ICU

Actor and Singer Tyrese took to his Instagram earlier today with some devastating news. The Fast and Furious star has been keeping fans updated on the status of his mother, who has been hospitalized from complications with Covid-19 for some days now. Unfortunately for Tyrese and his family, doctors are reporting that his mother may not make it through this ordeal, and they are preparing to let her transition. Tyrese asked fans to help him continue praying and delivered a powerful message about faith and God.

Priscilla Murray Gibson is the mother of Tyrese Gibson. She raised Tyrese and his three siblings alone in the Watts area of Los Angeles, CA, after his father, Tyrone Gibson, walked out of their lives. Tyrese took to his IG on Monday to let fans know that in the middle of filming a movie he got the call that his mother was in the ICU. The picture shows Tyrese with his head against the wall on set. While he did not elaborate on the film he was working on, you can see he is sporting a police badge.

His post read, “My mother is in a coma, in ICU, with Pneumonia, and she caught Covid they got her so sedated she can’t breathe or even eat on her own.” He says he had to ask the director for a moment so that he could cry and pray, which is when the photo was taken. He revealed that she had been sick for a couple of days but he was busy filming and had not gotten a chance to be with her yet. A helpless Tyrese asked fans to pray for his mother and to give him strength. “I feel helpless and need my prayer warriors to cover my mother please please keep her father God, she’s got so much more to do.”

His next post on the matter was an image of him and his mother. He continued to ask for fans’ support and prayers. He then shared a clip of Le’Andria Johnson singing “Better Days” with the caption “For my mother. We believe with every fiber in our bodies that we can pray you out of this situation in Jesus name amen!!” He asked that fans continue to say his mother’s full name Priscilla Murry when praying for her.

Tyrese later revealed that his director helped rearrange the shooting schedule so that he could be at his mother’s side. Despite his desire to be at his mother’s side at all times, he eventually did have to return to the set for two days to finish the film. In a post of him in character while filming, he once again thanked the film team for pushing things back so that he could be by his mother’s side momentarily. “It’s a WRAP. momma praying that you hold on. I’m on my way, and I’m never leaving till you get up and walk out of there,” he said in another clip of him and the crew celebrating finishing the film.

While everyone was elated for Tyrese to finally be able to spend time by his mother’s side ad continued to pray for him, today he delivered the devastating news that the doctors can do nothing else for her. He posted a picture of the doctor’s empty chair and told his followers that he had just been informed that there was nothing else they could do to improve his mothers condition. He continued to emphasize his faith in God and told the doctor that he felt God will make this better.

While fans on his page have continued to support him, people elsewhere are a little turned off by his constant posting and posed images of him grieving. “I want him to pray in peace and stop posting. Praying for his mom, though,” said one person. “So you took a picture of the chair in the middle of the heartbreak 😑’ said another. While many stressed that they would not even be able to post at this time, others supported him and his decision to deal with this so publicly. “Before we make fun of someone’s situation, let’s remember it could be any of us. Praying for his Mom 🙏🏼💕” Other fans pointed out that maybe he has no one else to grieve with. Tyrese has not posted since but fans are still hoping his mother pulls through. Let’s keep Tyrese and his mother in our prayers.

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