Babyface Sadden & Heartbroken After Learning Anita Baker Kicked Him Off Tour, Still Takes High Road and Wishes Her Well

Anita Baker has been on the receiving end of some hate from fans of Babyface.

The soul star was taking the legendary producer on the road with her as a supporting act, but things seemed to sour between them after Babyface was asked not to perform during a stop in New Jersey. The drama has gotten so bad that Anita has opted to finish the show alone due to Babyface’s crazy fans. 

Babyface took to social media back in May to reveal that Anita Baker’s camp asked his band not to perform so that she could do her full set. “I am truly sorry to my fans who have been waiting for us to hit the stage this evening at the Prudential Center,” he said.

Anita fired back, revealing that the ask was not her choice and that technical issues were to blame for Babyface being asked to not hit the stage.

Anita claims that she, too, was inconvenienced and had to perform late that evening due to “tech/video wall” glitches. “Live Nation/Producers took responsibility. I/We/Us went onstage, anyway. Late…but love prevailed.”

In the weeks since, Baker has been called out by Babyface’s fans, many of which have resurfaced past issues she’s had with Luther Vandross and Maxwell in an effort to brand her as difficult. Anita clapped back, calling Babyface’s supporters “Kenny’s crazies” and asking him to “call off his boys.”

She followed up by reminding people that the tech issues fell on Live Nation and not her, and that she did her job/profession. “Your public statements are false,” she said. 

Anita took the high road today and announced that she would be completing her tour alone and without the aid of an opening act. “#AnitaBaker After Silently, Enduring Cyber Bulling/Verbal Abuse & Threats of Violence from the Fan Base, of Our Special Guest/Support Act.

In the Interest of Personal Safety. I will continue, The Songstress Tour alone. Appropriate refunds will be made. Blessings ABXO,” she announced on her official Twitter account. 

Fans in the comments seemed happy, while others just wanted her to stop tweeting. “I really want a cousin, a niece, SOMEONE to take away Aunty’s phone.” 

UPDATE: Babyface has released a statement after learning he’s been kicked off of Anita Baker’s tour. Despite all of the public attacks, the legendary producer has decided to take the high road although he admits the entire situation is heartbreaking.

“It’s unfortunate and disheartening to see how things have played out on social media,” Babyface stated. See full response below.

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