Comedian Lil Duval Documented Trip To Bahamas Takes Unfortunate Turn, Comedian Hit By Vehicle While Driving 4-Wheeler – UPDATE

Update: Comedian Lil Duval has released a statement. The comedian took to Twitter this morning to thank everyone for checking on him but he is really messed up right now and not taking any calls. According to Lil Duval, the accident resulted in him breaking his hip, not his leg (which is even worse) and he’s in a lot of pain, but nothing can steal his joy.

Prayers are being solicited for Lil Duval. The comedian was recently revealed to have been in a devastating accident and has to undergo surgical procedures. Lil Duval has been chronicling his recent trip to the Bahamas, where he has deep roots. The comedian also has property on the Caribbean island. He’s often vocal about his love for the Bahamas, including during the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards, where he served as host. As the show was getting ready to close, Duval shared his support for the Bahamas as they faced destruction from Hurricane Dorian. Duval also expressed how much the island was on his mind during the hurricane. The comedian shared that he was unable to get to his house due to incessant flooding. However, he vowed to send supplies and relief by donating money.

Lil Duval has not shied away from sharing his excursions to his house in The Bahamas. Frequently, he’s gone live from his social media account as he relaxes and unwinds on his property. According to the Meet The Blacks star, he moved to The Bahamas in 2017, a year before his single “Smile B***h” was released. Lil Duval told the hosts of Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning that moving to the Bahamas had been a dream of his that he’d wanted to achieve since childhood. He also detailed that growing up, he would go to the Bahamas to spend the summer and visit family. Lil Duval said he makes it his mission to visit his Bahamas house very often. He also details taking family and friends with him. “It ain’t no fun if your friends can’t enjoy the life with you.”

The comedian often charters a plane to fly out to the Bahamas, which he pilots himself. Recently, he took the trip back out there and has been sharing his latest journey with his social media followers. Much of his recent trip has been showing off his time by the water, which he hinted during his Hot 97 interview was his favorite place to be. In another video, Lil Duval shared a clip of an interaction with a man who told stories of his grandfather. But Lil Duval’s fun has sadly been cut short recently. Unfortunately, the comedian revealed on his Instagram page that he met up in a terrible accident.

On his Instagram Stories, the comedian shared a video of a 4-wheeler he intended to ride. However, the vehicle was having trouble and wouldn’t start. But it seemed he got it working, only to face tragedy a few moments later. “Somebody hit me in they car while [I] was on my 4 wheeler,” said Lil Duval on his Instagram. A video clip showed the comedian being transported by medical officials in a stretcher. Duval also detailed that he is, unfortunately, suffering from a broken leg and has to be airlifted to Nassau in the Bahamas for major surgery.

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