Kevin Hunter Wants Wendy Williams To Pay Up, Claims He’s Facing Foreclosure – Update

Wendy Williams continues to have her name dragged through the media despite being missing in action for weeks. The daytime talk show host saw her empire crumble following her divorce, the death of her mother, and several health issues. In the time since, it appears things continue to get worst for her as she’s been cut off from her fortune, estranged from her son, and still fighting for her sobriety. Ex-husband Kevin Hunter has been blamed for a lot of it and just got new heat thrown his way as it was revealed he is trying to resume payments from Wendy that he’s been missing the last few months due to her financial issues.

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter build her brand together. Her streetwise husband played the role of manager and executive producer for years, helping Williams go from a radio personality to a television star. While Williams has always given him his props, she maintains that it is her hard work and talent that got her where she was. Kevin had a rep for being mean, and rumors persisted that he was a tyrant behind the scenes. In addition to this, he was also carrying on a secret relationship for decades that eventually resulted in a love child.

Hunter left Williams to pursue life with his mistress, and in the year that followed, Wendy’s whole operation fell apart. Complications from her Graves Disease and Covid-19, coupled with a relapse into substance abuse, completely sidetracked her. By the top of this year, it was reported that she was cut off from her money too, after reports that someone was exploiting her hit the news. Some speculated it was her son Kevin Hunter Jr, who is rumored to have run up her AMEX almost 100k. Williams is reportedly not talking to her son now and still has no access to her money.

While she and Kevin Sr. had no alimony or spousal support arrangement set up in their split, court documents reveal that he is taking Williams to court and suing for money he has not received from her. He apparently gets paid monthly, possibly from his work as her manager or producer. Wendy’s legal team fired back, saying that Williams could not possibly pay Hunter any money if she did not have access to her accounts. Fans in the comment criticized him for kicking her while she was down and needing to get his own money. “He needs to get a JOB!!!” said one fan.

Hunter clapped back, alluding that he worked hard for this money and deserved it. He also seems to be asking for it to help support his son, who has been cut off by his mother. “Everybody wanna kno what’s really goin on.. the fact is I’m not being silent anymore this don’t have nothing to do with Wendy but has everything to do with the people trying to steal Hard earned money that I worked for and help build,” he said in his IG story. “I have a slew of experts to help substantiate all my claims, and I’m tired of the ****I didn’t forfeit as much as I did for my son to go through this..miss me with the double standard **** as well.” He concluded the post with “it’s on!”

UPDATE: It seems Kevin Hunter Sr. has fallen on tough times. The ex-husband of Wendy Williams claims he’s now behind on most of his bills and potentially facing foreclosure. According to Kevin Sr. his car insurance hasn’t been paid and he’s also behind on his credit card payments since his severance payments have been suspended. Kevin Sr. argues his life has been greatly affected since Wendy has stopped making payments.

No word on how long Kevin Hunter has to come up with the money to avoid foreclosure or having his car insurance canceled. The former Talk show producer opened a barbershop back in 2021.

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