Versatile uses of smartphones that do damage

Now no one can live a single moment without a smartphone. Smartphones seem to have become the only way to do multitasking. For many, smartphones are now the only technology that can do a lot of work. At the same time it includes dictionary, calculator, browser, e-mail, gameboy, calendar, voice recorder, guitar tuner, weather forecast, GPS, Twitter, Facebook and flashlight. This gadget is much more powerful than an IBM computer three hundred years ago.

But how much work are we doing while doing so much work together? The human brain is not really suitable for many tasks or multitasking at once. When we do a lot of work, our brain actually jumps from one job to another. As a result, our efficiency is actually declining. Not only that, multitasking increases the amount of stress hormone cortisol in our body. Our thoughts are becoming smoky.

Our attention is easily lost. According to a study published in Forbes, an e-mail has arrived in the inbox, after knowing that if one tries to focus on another task, the IQ can be reduced by up to 10 points. Decreased brain capacity as a result of multitasking can be compared to the damage caused by taking drugs.

There is also a tendency among us to make wrong decisions while multitasking. No one notices that we are addicted to e-mails or various social media to stay connected with each other. As a result, the brains of all of us are being damaged. Of the 3 billion base pairs in the human genome, only 3 percent actually make proteins. The rest of the non-coding DNA contains some retroviruses that have evolved into us. These can be important for brain function.

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