Viola Davis Uses Her Celebrity To Bring National Attention To Shanquelle Robinson’s Story & Get Justice For Her Family

The search for answers in the passing of Shanquella Robinson continues, as social media has taken up the task of keeping her trending while the United States and Mexican authorities organize the arrest of the “friends” responsible for her passing. The story has reached national levels, with major celebrities joining the mission. The latest person to use her spotlight to shed light on Robinson? Academy Award winner Viola Davis.

Shanquella Robinson’s story has shocked many, and rightfully so. The North Carolina native went on a vacation with friends and never came back. After videos surfaced of her being brutally assaulted, it became clear that she was murdered. Many mobilized immediately, including her family. Her sister, Quilla Long, took to the fundraising site Go Fund Me to help raise money for her family during this challenging time. After 6k donations, they are nearing their goal of 385k, currently sitting at 381k. Their top donations have come from the likes of Kyrie Irving, John Legere, Grant Cardone, Kemba Walker, and Stormy Wellington.

Her mother, Salamondra Robinson, has been busy posting information about Shanquella’s friends from the trip in hopes that it will make it easier to track them down and hold them accountable. Local news anchor Joe Bruno took that information and led views on a hunt for answers, calling phone numbers and popping up at people’s houses. He concluded that many of the “friends” were in hiding or had turned their phones off.

Bruno has not given up the fight, however. Earlier today he shared a screenshot from Viola Davis’s Instagram story where she shared a picture of Shanqella Robinson. The post reads, “SAY HER NAME #shanquellarobinson” and features a link to the Go Fund Me account. It’s unclear if Davis also donated; her name does not appear in the top donations ledger. However, Davis has over 10 million followers who are now aware of the tragedy and can help amplify it even further.

Fans commented on Joe’s post, thanking him for his diligence. His clip hunting down answers has already gone viral, and people who’d seen it told him, “Please keep working on this! I know your journalism skills Finna break this open!”

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