Vivica A Fox Reveals She Married A Man She Didn’t Know Because She Wanted To Experience Her Cinderella Day

Independence Day actress and co-host of Fox Soul’s Cocktails with the Queens, Vivica A. Fox, once thought that she found the man of her dreams. That dream, however, quickly turned into a nightmare. Vivica A. Fox has revealed the reasons for her 2002 divorce. In 1998, it was announced that Vivica A. Fox had married singer Christopher “Sixx-Nine” Harvest. At the time, the singer was a part of a group on the way to being signed to a major label. But in her memoir “Everyday I’m Hustlin'” released in 2018, Vivica Fox admitted she married for all the wrong reasons.

“Here’s a really bad reason to get married: because everyone else is doing it,” Fox wrote in her memoir. “I know that’s why I did it. It seems like a blink-and-you-missed-it marriage to a lot of people now, but in 1998 I went into a four-year union I had no business going into. I got married out of peer pressure and because I thought that was the next thing on the checklist of what it means to be a successful woman.”

Recently, Vivica Fox appeared on VladTV where she got a bit more candid on her reasons for marrying Harvest. The actress confessed that thoughts of a “Cinderella day” for her would bring the fairytale wedding she desired. However, she did not “take the time to get to know him. I felt peer pressure,” she confessed.

The final nail in the coffin for Fox was seeing how Harvest did not “pursue other things” following his failed singing career. “He didn’t go out and then pursue things with the same drive that I had for my career,” the Fox Soul host said. “You know, a woman doesn’t like paying all the bills all the time. I can only ask for help so many times before I had to come to the conclusion that I didn’t want to be the breadwinner in this family. My mother didn’t raise me to take care of a man. And that was the deciding factor.”

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