Vivica A. Fox Turns Down Nick Cannon & His ‘Community D’: “I’d Choose 50 Cent Over You Any Day”

Nick Cannon is losing cool points on the daily. The television mogul may have been a heartthrob in his teens and early 20s, even cool enough to bag Mariah Carey, but these days women are distancing themselves from him.

Not only has Mimi ensured that she and her children stay far away from his family dramas, but he recently also lost one of his long-term girlfriends, Jessica White. Now Vivica A. Fox is calling him out, stating that she’d return to 50 Cent before she ever got in bed with Nick Cannon.

Nick Cannon currently hosts an AMP series with baby mother, Abby De La Rosa. On a recent episode, they unpacked Vivica’s desire to return to 50 Cent if the stars ever aligned for them again. Nick and his cast went down the row, telling Fox to “let that go.”

Nick Cannon then went on to say that 50 Cent is not who he was 15 years ago. “You could fantasize about Fif from 15 years ago; that’s a different Fif, not this fat n**** that’s walking around now,” Cannon said with a chuckle. Nick then says that 50 looks like he has a “pack of hot dogs” on the back of his neck.

He called 50 “get thick or die frying,” poking fun at the name of his breakthrough album “Get Rich or Die Tryin.'”

Vivica slid into the comments section under a post about Nick’s comments and let her thoughts be heard. “Yo, let me correct myself. Yo Nick, I’d rather be with 50 Cent any day than yo community d*** a**! Now go somewhere and pay yo child support,” she said, summing it up with #cloutchaser.

People in the comments did not have much nice to say for Vivica or Nick. While most feel like Nick has too many kids and girlfriends to be worried about other people, they also feel that Vivica might want to start moving on as well.

One person said, “If Auntie Viv wanna stay stuck on that man, that’s her business! Mmmkaay, Booty Collins glasses. Oooo…you stay talkin too much! You got 10-12 other humans to be worried about.”

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