VLAD Questions Why Millionares Like Migos Were Playing Street Dice: ‘Jay-Z Wouldn’t Be At A Dice Game In Houston’

TakeOff’s passing continues to get dissected as people wonder what happened that night. The rapper was partying with his uncle Quavo when someone opened fire on them during an argument. All of this over a dice game. Vlad TV is now talking about the incident and wondering what the guys were doing and why they thought it would be good to hang out in a city like Houston.

Vlad was talking with Adam22 about the code of conduct for rappers whenever they step into different cities. He discusses artists having to “check in” with whoever the “big dog” in that city whenever they touch down to ensure they are protected and nothing goes wrong. Unfortunately, Vlad says in this case, that backfired on the Migos because Jas Prince and his crew reportedly got into the fight and not anyone in Quavo or TakeOff’s set. Jas Prince is the son of James L. Smith, the CEO and founder of the Houston label Rap-A-Lot.

The Prince family is famously affiliated with corruption and gang activity in Houston, so when Jas was seen in videos from the evening of TakeOff’s death, many assumed he was somehow involved. Vlad says that by having Prince around, Quavo and TakeOff probably intercepted some of his problems which resulted in the events of the evening. He argues that Jay Z or Diddy would never play dice in the streets, and the guys should have brought their own security. Vlad goes on to say that the guys are way too rich to “associate with everyone.” He believes they needed to be more specific about where they spend their time. Adam22 says that he would think rolling with Jas Prince was the “safest” situation you could be in since he “runs Houston.”

Adam22 then goes on to say that hitting Jas would not have crossed his mind but also thinks that for Quavo and TakeOff, doing “human being” things might seem appealing because of how successful they are. “when you live that life of a rapper, and you’ve done everything, you just want to be able to move around like a normal person.”

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