Was Dr. Dre Properly ‘Served’ Court Documents During Grandmother’s Burial Service?

The saga between Dr. Dre and his estranged wife Nicole Young took a nasty turn this week. The pair have been at odds for awhile now and things have gotten very nasty as they fight to end their marriage. They’ve been in court and working through the split since June 2020. Apparently Dre was served some documents during the funeral of his grandmother. Conflicting reports tell the story of what went down.

According to some rumors, Dr. Dre is responsible for Nicole Young’s lawyer fees as specified in their settlement. TMZ reported that Dre is expected to pay a balance of $1,224,567 to cover said fees as has yet to do so. Unfortunately, one unlucky process server had the honor of serving Dr. Dre documents to pay said fees and when he finally was able to catch up with him, the hip-hop mogul was in the middle of burying his grandmother.

The Breakfast Club were some of the first to report on this. Angela Yee said “Dr. Dre was at a cemetery in LA Monday. His grandmother passed away and he was laying her to rest and allegedly he was confronted by a process server with some divorce documents. He recoiled in anger and would not take the documents.”

Reports from here are conflicting. Both Angela and some sites state that the processor dropped the files by the gravesite. TMZ spoke with members of The Inglewood Park Cemetery who agree with this stating that Dre never went to the parking lot so it would have been impossible to serve him there. He pulled up on the street next to the gravesite. They also confirmed that his grandmothers casket had already been lowered when he was served, and that the processor likely approached him as he walked back to his car.

However PageSix and members of Nicole Young’s team stated that this is not true and that he was served in the parking lot. PageSix also reported that Dre paid some of the fees, but still owed a large amount. “The Aftermath Entertainment CEO reportedly only paid $325,433 of $1.5 million ordered by a California judge.”

Charlamagne, Angela and DJ Evny spoke briefly about what happened, also clearly confused as to where Dre was served and if it was appropriate. Dr. Envy pointed out that for someone as notoriously private as Dr. Dre, it would make sense that one of the few places you would catch him outside would be a funeral. They also talk about the technically of “being served”. “If you drop it on the floor you’re not served right?” Angela asked the guys. “If they touched your hand you are” said DJ Envy.

Sources claim Dr. Dre was extremely angry and refused to collect the documents. According to the California Courts website “Service of court papers means that the other side must get copies of any paper you file with the court.  In ‘service’ a third person (NOT you) is the one who actually delivers the paperwork to the other side.  The person who does this is called the ‘server’ or ‘process server.'” The site also that if the party being served does not accept the documents, they can be left on the ground in front of him or her. Also, the documents are taken and ripped up, service is still considered valid.

Although, Dr. Dre refused to accept the documents, if the individual serving the documents placed them in front of him – he was served properly, according to California Courts. Nicole Young and Dr. Dre were married for 24 years and share 2 kids. Their son Truice was born in 1997; daughter Truly followed in 2001. Dre had 4 other kids from 4 different women before marrying Young.

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