Ways to look great in a silk sari

Silk sari is the choice of all women. Starting from casual look, silk sari goes well with glamorous outfits. Winter means many festivals and ceremonies. Valentine’s Week begins with that. At this time trust in the sari! Many people like to wear sari on the coming holy falgun and love day. At this time you can make yourself great in silk saree if you want.

Just a few things to keep in mind. If you follow that, you can create a different look than everyone else. But let’s find out, how to wear a silk sari- Never wear heavy jewelry with a silk sari. It doesn’t look good. It is best to wear light jewelry. If you go to a wedding ceremony, you can wear a heavy pendant. Or wear a small pendant with a heavy necklace. Choker style jewelry goes well with silk sarees.

Wear a belt with a silk saree to get a stylish look. Choose a wide belt for this. Wearing a little longer blouse with it will look great. Fold the hem of the sari very smoothly. You can wear silk sari with pants. The new look has now added a different dimension to fashion. In this case the sari is only on one side. Sari should be worn in such a way that the pants can be seen on the other side.

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