Wendy Raquel Robinson Ex Husband Blasts Actress For Leaving Immediately After Suffering Stroke, Broke With No Money

Wendy Raquel Robinson may be enjoying a resurgence following The Game returning to our screens.

While the show has experienced some key differences over the years between cast and tone, so has Robinson’s real life. She was married for much of her tenure on the series, but this reboot comes after a pretty messy divorce for the actress. Her ex-husband alleges that she left him for dead after some health issues.

Wendy Raquel Robinson and her ex-husband Marco Perkins have been together since 2000 and married in 2003. When the pair met, Robinson claims she had just made peace with being single. Perkins accompanied a friend to one of Wendy’s house parties, and they hit it off instantly. Perkins would eventually propose through a VHS tape that he initially presented to her as a Birthday video.

“So we’re watching, and he’s just singing happy birthday on the video. I’m thinking, oh, how cute, and then at the end of the video, he goes, ‘By the way, will you marry me?’ We started running around the house like little eight-year-olds,” she recalled.

After 15 years of marriage, the duo decided to call it quits. Perkins was not giving up without a fight, though, and took to the press with damning accusations about Robinson. According to him, she left shortly after he had a stroke in 2015. He would eventually lose financial stability and tried to get $10k a month from Wendy in spousal support. At the time, she was making $200k a month, according to him, which was more than enough to afford the payments.

Wendy has since moved on, going public in 2020 with Theater Corner owner Michael Taylor. Taylor is well established as well, with credits as a director and a producer for several short films, including “Black Sisyphus: Myth & More” and “Conversation with Change.” He was also the recipient of the Silver Telly Award in 2019.

Wendy remains pretty private on social media, with most of her posts being about work. It’s unclear the status of her and Taylor, nor is it clear if she ever had to cough up that $10k for Perkins.

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